Ivy Venier

Ivy Venier

Bachelor of Arts, Law and Legal Studies • Carleton University


Ivy graduated in 2021 from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Legal Studies. Over the course of her time at Carleton, she switched from law, to physics, to biochemistry, and finally back to law. Her passions always seemed at odds with each other, which left her feeling as though she had to pick between arts and science disciplines. In her final year of her degree, she took a variety of courses dealing with environmental law and intersectional approaches to policy. By the time graduation rolled around, Ivy was determined to find a graduate program that focused on her passions of human rights and sustainability using an interdisciplinary approach.  

Throughout the course of her undergraduate degree, Ivy worked various jobs in the restaurant industry. Starting out as a server, working up to bartender, and finally worked her way into a management role. After graduation, she worked full time at a small local restaurant; she worked as a bartender, events coordinator, and completed all the restaurant’s accounting. Acceptance into the MScSM program gave Ivy the opportunity to start the conversation around sustainability with the restaurant. Over the past few months, Ivy worked closely with the restaurant’s owner to improve the restaurant’s sustainability measures, starting small by looking at reducing food waste, eventually working up to curating a menu focusing on seasonal and local creations.

Ivy has been interested in the culinary arts for most of her life. After becoming vegetarian in 2010, she started cooking for herself. Then, after becoming vegan in recent years, she opened a small vegan bakery during the pandemic. Ivy also enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle by walking or running frequently, weight training as much as possible, and practicing yoga daily.

Ivy's MScSM Internship: U of T Sustainability Office


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