Averyl D'Souza

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Bachelor of Science (Hons., with Distinction) • Environmental Science and Biology for Health Science • University of Toronto Mississauga


Averyl graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science with distinction, double majoring in Environmental Science and Health Science. As a child, the environment around her had always fascinated her; from the surrounding nature to the way people interact with the environment.

During her academic journey, she developed a strong passion for environmental studies through several specialized courses. While working on her undergrad, Averyl volunteered on various ecological projects with local environmental organizations. She also interned at the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate change as a data technician. 

Upon graduating Averyl took some time to travel. When she returned she gravitated toward the restoration field. She spent the last year working with her local conservation authority (Credit Valley Conservation) doing restoration monitoring and with Trout Unlimited Canada working on projects to bring back Brook Trout to the Credit River. Through these experiences she realized that the way society has traditionally functioned, has not been conducive to a sustainable environment. Therefore, she decided to further expand her knowledge on sustainability management and build the skills to enforce change through the MScSM program.

In the future, Averyl sees herself working to transform the ways companies’ practice their business in a way that acknowledges all the ecological service our surrounding environment has to offer.  In her spare time Averyl enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors, traveling, learning about culture and enjoying the company of her friends and family. 

Averyl's MScSM Internship: The City of Brampton


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