Kuan Su



Bachelor of Commerce • University of Toronto


Kuan graduated in 2019 from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce. Kuan is particularly interested in organizational behaviour and how strategies may be implemented to help foster sustainability-conscious organizations. With her management background and interest in issues facing the environment and humanity, she believed it is critical to strike a balance between economic prosperity and environmental preservation. Furthermore, her passion for sustainability also originated from her constant drive to live in harmony with her inner-self and the outer world.

During her undergraduate studies, Kuan led a group of 4 students in a case analysis course. Together with her groupmates, Kuan evaluated Poppy Barley’s (a Canadian footwear company) current sustainable business practices. Specifically, a cost-and-benefit and SWOT analysis were completed to measure the business implications of either becoming a B Certified Corporation or a Fairtrade Company. After thorough internal and external analysis, Kuan and her teammates wrote and presented recommendations, risk mitigation plans, and implementation strategies to industry experts.

Following her graduation, Kuan moved to Tokyo to work for a French culinary school called, ‘Le Cordon Bleu.’ Here, she developed substantial knowledge of the food and restaurant industry. Working together with the chefs, Kuan championed for zero-waste cooking, helped brainstormed and translated recipes that utilize all parts of the ingredients effectively. She was passionate about educating the future generation of chefs to operate restaurants with lesser food waste and lower environmental impact.

Outside of academics and work, Kuan enjoyed traveling to different countries and volunteering at local schools. Through her experiences interacting with people around the world, she became optimistic about people’s willingness to lead a more sustainable lifestyle when empowered with knowledge. Combining these invaluable experiences and her management background, she became passionate about seeking strategies to help implement sustainable changes. As a result, Kuan aspires to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, leading to long-term sustainable changes on both individual and organizational levels.


Kuan's MScSM Internship: Greenhouse Juice Co.


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Kuan's Research Poster

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