Meaghan Angell


Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Specialization in Biology • University of Ottawa


Meaghan recently graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Honours Bachelor of Science specializing in Biology. This broad degree allowed her to take a variety of biology related courses and thus develop a well-rounded understanding of environmental challenges and sustainability issues. Her interests in sustainability and conservation are focused primarily on education, activism and community outreach with the hope of providing a missing link between the fields of science, business and policy.

In the second year of her degree, Meaghan was able to participate in a cross-institutional exchange at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia. As a result of her marine coursework while in Australia, Meaghan gained awareness of the dire need for local as well as global conservation efforts, especially within marine environments. This experience was the catalyst that drove her to enrol in environmental and conservation based courses in the upper years of her undergraduate degree. Meaghan has taken some time off after her undergraduate degree to gain more world experiences and has thus worked in a variety of industries including hospitality, floral design and customer service, all of which are industries where it is clear that sustainable practices must be implemented. Meaghan has also volunteered her time at a wild bird conservation centre where she cared for injured and abandoned birds while also participating in programs aimed to educate the community on the importance of habitat conservation. As a result, Meaghan has become an impassioned activist for waste reduction and an advocate for the environment and climate change issues.

Outside of university, Meaghan enjoys hiking, film photography, playing soccer, snowboarding and has a passion for horticulture, floral design and house plants.

Meaghan's MScSM Internship: YouthfulCities


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