Nivytaa Sureskumar


Honours Bachelor of Science, Population Health, Double Minor in Biomedical Ethics & Psychology • University of Toronto


Nivytaa is a dedicated individual with a passion for education and a desire to make a positive difference in our community. She completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Population Health from the University of Toronto, as well as a Double Minor in Biomedical Ethics and Psychology. Nivytaa has an excellent foundation in her field of study and a genuine interest in a variety of disciplines. This program has enabled her to delve into a wide range of scientific fields, cultivating her curiosity and broadening her perspective of humanity. She has developed a deep interest in exploring into the complexities of sustainability particularly in the healthcare system and is constantly looking for opportunities to improve her expertise.

Nivytaa has actively participated in events that connect with her goal to promote sustainability and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. One important experience is her time as a Patient Care Coordinator at South East Toronto Family Health Team, where she dedicated herself to aiding individuals in a socially responsible and long-term manner. This experience not only sharpened their interpersonal skills, but also emphasized the significance of providing assistance and caring to those in need.

Nivytaa pursues personal interests and hobbies in addition to academic and professional pursuits. She takes refuge in travel, relishing the opportunity to learn about different cultures and widen her horizons. Her travels have given her a deep understanding for the interconnection of the planet and the importance of environmental sustainability. She is also an avid reader, always immersing herself in different genres to broaden her knowledge and get new ideas. She has nearly 200 books in her collection of books.

Nivytaa exemplifies a well-rounded personality committed to make a positive effect in the world, with a strong educational background, a commitment to sustainability, and a varied range of personal interests. She is motivated by her desire to contribute to a sustainable future and her curiosity about the world around her. Nivytaa is excited to continue her growth journey and make a significant influence in her community.