Aasimah Hossain

Aasimah Hossain

Honours Bachelor of Science, Double Majoring in Environmental Management and Health Science • University of Toronto Mississauga


Aasimah graduated in 2015 from the University of Toronto Mississauga with an Honours Bachelor of Science double majoring in Environmental Management and Health Science. Shortly afterwards, Aasimah received a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Control at Sheridan College. She then went on to join the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology at Sheridan as a Lab Technologist to support students conduct various chemical sampling and analysis labs. As part of this role, Aasimah worked extensively with drafting and validating lab procedures and maintaining various gas and liquid chromatography systems for analyzing contamination levels in water and soil samples, as well as analyzing the effectiveness of industrial process controls for removing pollutants in effluents.  

Through her involvement in youth empowerment initiatives within her community, working closely with youth and immigrant families, she realized her passion for making the climate change and sustainability movement more accessible at the community level. She is particularly interested in finding creative ways to use the arts as a more effective means to engage diverse communities with the science of environmental issues and climate change by overcoming cultural and language barriers.

Aasimah has explored such methods of creating awareness and educating of environmental issues through the development and delivery of art workshops for women and youth through her local Mosque and community hubs. She was a recipient of the Rising Youth Grant, funded by the Government of Canada, for improving Canadian communities to support her workshops.  Her own environmental awareness focused artwork has also been featured in Art Voice, a youth art exhibit by The Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives.  

Aasimah strongly believes the implementation of more inclusive methods of creating environmental awareness and education can foster innovation for sustainability since the Greater Toronto Area is a multicultural community with very diverse lived experiences. Her ultimate goal for sustainability is to ensure future generations, such as her nephew, can learn to appreciate and conserve the beauty this planet has to offer. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors exploring new hiking trails, creating artwork and discovering new restaurants and cuisines. 

Aasimah's MScSM Internship: HP Inc.

aasimah's internship

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