Masato Webb


Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems, emphasis in Data Analytics • University of Georgia


Masato Webb is a first-year student at the University of Toronto pursuing his MScSM degree through the Institute for Management and Innovation. He completed his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems w/ an emphasis in Data Analytics at the University of Georgia in 2021. He is incredibly passionate about working in the intersections of data science and sustainability and has spent much of his career thus far focusing on projects and issues within that realm. His Data Analytics emphasis has equipped him with Java, Python, AWS and Cloud Deployment skills while his past internship experiences have developed his SQL and advanced data management expertise. Masato is interested in working within the context of sustainable urbanism and leveraging data to make informed decisions within urban environments and to reduce the negative impacts of increased urban density such as congestion, air/water pollution, resource constraints and inequity.

Throughout Masato’s undergraduate career, he has immersed himself in numerous internships in unique environments all through the scope of sustainability. Masato interned with Kibidango Crowdfunding in 2019 where he worked alongside ~10 other employees in Tokyo. He was able to develop his technical skills rapidly within the small startup environment and was personally responsible for over 3 million yen in revenue through the promotion of numerous projects hosted on the platform. He was also able to further develop his professional Japanese skills to build upon his native fluency in reading, writing and speaking.  In the following years, Masato interned with InterContinental Hotels Group, the University of Georgia’s Office of Sustainability and the Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department (ACC SWD.) Through all of these experiences, Masato’s work has pertained to the use of data to drive decisions and promote new solutions. During his time with the ACC SWD, Masato has learned to navigate the complexities of working within a municipal department while maximizing his technical abilities. His work has led to the streamlining of data collection and dissemination. Further, he has provided the department with templates with imbedded formulas and prebuilt structures that will allow for the continuation of his work even after his departure.

Outside of the classroom and office, Masato spends much of his time involved in physical activities including martial arts, distance running and canoe tripping. Masato has practice Taido, an Okinawan martial art since 2008 and co-founded the UGA Taido club where he served as president for four years. Masato has also accumulated over 200 days of canoe tripping and has explored the regions of Algonquin, Lady-Evelyn Smoothwater, Quetico, Kipawa and Northern Minnesota.

Masato's MScSM Internship: Delta Air Lines

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