Nandaraye Choi




Bachelor of Science Honours, Biology • Queen's University


Nandaraye graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science, Honors Specialization in Biology in 2020. Throughout her undergraduate career, she developed a strong interest towards ecology and conservation biology, and became deeply concerned about the environmental injustices occurring globally through one of her electives. Nandaraye has a great appreciation for nature and the organisms that live within it, and seeing how humans have negatively impacted the environment has driven her to want to be part of the solution in creating a more sustainable society.

Nandaraye’s interest in sustainability sparked during her undergraduate career during a field trip to a biological conservation area owned by Queen’s University, where she realized the importance of proper management with sustainable values in order to maintain the integrity of our ecosystems. Nandaraye has also learned the importance of implementing sustainable values into the food system while volunteering in a phytotron for hydroponics maintenance. She believes that investing in innovative agricultural technologies can help create a more sustainable agricultural system.  

In her spare time, Nandaraye enjoys exploring the hiking and biking trails in Toronto. Her other hobbies consist of baking, cooking, painting, sketching, and creating digital art.


Nandaraye's MScSM Internship: SickKids Hospital


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Nandaraye's Research Poster

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