UTM People Power Challenge

Join UTM's People Power Challenge

You’re invited to join the UTM People Power Challenge Team for this summer – and invite along any colleagues you think would be keen!  The team goal is to make our workplace, and campus, more sustainable.

MScSM belongs to a group called Partners in Project Green, which runs a super-cool initiative for different companies and organizations in our region each summer.  The People Power Challenge aims to enhance the environmental & community literacy of our workplace and implement projects to make us more sustainable. Teams earn points, and points can earn prizes – but more importantly, we help make our workplace, the campus, and our community better.

The UTM Team is made up of Campus staff, faculty, and MScSM students who are committed to making the world a bit more sustainable.  There are teams from a ton of different companies that we are “competing” against – check out the slide deck for details.

As a team member, you can participate just a tiny bit, or a lot—it’s up to you —through downloading an App, participating in pledges to make little changes every day, and in coming to events!  More info below on all of that.  Teams earn points through surveys, idea-sharing, and other activities, and the big prizes include cash, which we can use to implement great sustainability initiatives at UTM.

If you want to join the team, please email me directly and I’ll add you to the list!  All the details on next-steps to participate are below, too.

Participating in the People Power Challenge

The Challenge has officially kicked off, so all the necessarily details and next steps are below for your Friday-afternoon reading.  Please also feel very welcome to send this along to any of your colleagues that you think would want to join in!  The more the merrier.

Next Steps:

1. Download the Nudge Rewards App

  • The company code is: #winPPC2017
  • Use your U of T email address to register - check your junk mail for your confirmation link!
  • Email Matt if you get stuck – note that there may be a slight lag time between registering and verification of your account

2. Respond to Nudges (open your app once a day and reply to questions, and read articles!)

3. Make Suggestions in the Spark section of the App or Online

  • The suggestions will be counted at the end of each month and added to your score – so your score should jump up at the end of each month based on how many suggestions you make.  Make LOTS – we get points for these, and we will turn some of them into real projects.  Others, we will keep track of for the future and use them to make campus recommendations.

4. Make Pledges and Keep Track of them in the Sheet Attached

  • The official pledges are in the attached document.  You can choose to sign up to try and do ALL of them, or just a few. 
  • Fill it in, sign it, and email it to Matt.  If you’re up for it, take a photo of yourself with your Pledge form, and tweet it, or email your photo to Matt (if you wish!)
  • Track how many times a week, and a month, you actually DO each of those actions, starting 2 days ago!  Then email your number to Matt at the end of each month.  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you!

5. Watch your app and e-mail for updates

6. Twitter Protocol – whenever you submit a tweet of a PCC related activity please make sure to:

  • Use: @UTMPPC
  • Use: #winPPC2017
  • Include a human in the photo


  • Pledge Form: fill it in, sign it, take a picture of you with your pledge form, and email it to Matt!
  • Check out the Slide Deck if you want more information on the Challenge overall

If you have any questions, please let us know!

Matt Judyn, MScSM, UTM PPC 2017 Team Captain


Claire Westgate, M.Ed
Placement & Employer Relations Officer
Master of Science in Sustainability Management Program
Institute for Management & Innovation| University of Toronto Mississauga
Innovation Complex, Room 2250 |  3359 Mississauga Road  |  Mississauga, ON  L5L 1C6
p: 905-569-5721 | e: claire.westgate@utoronto.ca | w: www.utm.utoronto.ca/mscsm

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