Featured Student: Clara Carriere



Clara Carriere

Class of 2018

Previous Education:  Environmental Governance • University of Guelph

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clara-carriere-132071107/


Clara Carriere is a second year student in the MScSM program, and recently travelled to the Galapagos Islands for her capstone project, a mandatory second year course designed to develop an integrative understanding of creating and managing a sustainable enterprise. Clara decided to research the Galapagos Islands after realizing that the steady growth of tourism in the Galapagos provides the opportunity for companies to promote sustainable tourism activities on the Islands. For her capstone, Clara and MScSM student Taylor Whitfield partnered with a coffee producer (Pro Café S.A.) on San Cristobal on the Galapagos Islands to devise a low-impact and educational sustainable tourism management plan. For this, Clara worked on-site with company in December to develop an eco-tour at Hacienda El Cafetal’s plantation and to advise them on sustainable tourism opportunities.

Clara is also currently conducting research, which involved completing a comprehensive literature review of 150 sources including peer-reviewed journals, books, and documents published by government/NGOs. Her focus is a comparative analysis of ecotourism and sustainable tourism. For this, Clara included a case study of the Galapagos, which assessed the organized tours she took on the islands, to suggest whether they align with ecotourism principles. She then used her findings to advise the company on how to develop an ecotourism strategy for capstone project.

Last summer Clara held an internship with HP Canada that aligned with her passion for corporate sustainability and interest of how businesses are leading the transition to a circular and low carbon economy. Her internship involved a project that lead the development of marketing initiatives with HP retailers by promoting products and services through environmental marketing. For example, Clara worked alongside the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on various events and programs. Currently, Clara is still employed by HP as Sustainability Marketing Specialist on various projects throughout the school year and joining upon graduation.



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