Amine Mikati

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Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering • American University of Beirut

  • Amine is voted new incoming Vice President Internal of MScSM Student Executive Council (MSEC) for the 2019-2020 academic year. Congratulations Amine!


Amine Mikati is a graduate from the Maroun Semaan Faculty of Engineering at American University of Beirut with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. His major was Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis on the Heat and Mass Transfer Track. Amine is a Lebanese citizen who was born and raised in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and as a result has a mixed culture that inspired his pursuit of Sustainability.

Upon graduation, Amine pursued a career in the Energy Services Industry in the UAE, working towards achieving the countries 2020 energy goals. He was working on the biggest energy efficiency project for the government in the region. His role on the project was mostly handling the entire procurement cycle of materials on the project, while assisting the multiple teams in obtaining the approvals required for materials through material submittals. Given the size and complexity of the project, Amine took it upon himself to create several forms that assisted in the mapping of materials to their respective sites. He also assisted the QA/QC department in obtaining approvals on all the inspections.

Since Amine was working under the title of Office Support Engineer, he did not stop at assisting the projects team of the biggest energy efficiency project, he also assisted the Business Development department in preparing tenders for other government projects as well as creating a database for the potential of the solar market that was presented to the board of the company.

Apart from academics and work, Amine enjoys entering the kitchen to cook for family and friends. Playing sports in particular soccer and basketball are a fundamental of Amine’s routine. Aside of sports and cooking, Amine enjoys nights around a bonfire with friends and loved ones.

In the future, Amine aspires to be an expert in the field of sustainability, that will help in shaping the movement of companies and organizations to more sustainable practices.

Amine's MScSM Internship: Laszlo Energy Services

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