Leagues- coed basketball participants playing basketball

The UTM Intramurals programs hosts a wide variety of leagues on our campus throughout the school year. We offer leagues in the following sports:

  • Open Ultimate Frisbee

  • Open Soccer Tennis

  • Coed and Open Basketball

  • Open Cricket

  • Coed Dodgeball

  • Coed Outdoor Ultimate

  • Open Outdoor Soccer
  • Coed Volleyball

  • Coed and Open Indoor Soccer

  • Open KanJam

  • Open Spikeball

  • Open Badminton 

  • Open Cornhole

Summer 2022 Sport Calendar

Sport Calendar

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Step One - Find a league you would like to play in using our UTM Sport Calendar. Once you decided on which sport to play in, submit a Team Entry Form to the UTM Intramurals administrative staff by the registration deadline electronically to utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca 

Please Note: If you wish to enter into multple sport leagues, you must submit a team entry form for each team in a each sport league. I.E. submit one team entry form for Outdoor Soccer, one team entry for for Open Cornhole & one team entry form for Coed Dodgeball.

Step Two - Visit IM Leagues and register your team! Remind & invite your teammates to join your team! You will receive confirmation by email outlining your next steps and detailed information. 

Please Note: For the 2021-2022 season, all participants must be registered on IMLeagues 24hours before their scheduled game. No registration = No Participation 

Step Three - Pay your teams Performance Bond. Payment can be made by visiting the Fusion Portal - Campus Rec & Intramurals. Remember to pay the correct performance bond for the leagues and/or division.

Step Four – Attend the Virtual League Meeting. All team captains and participants are to join the virtual league meeting for the league(s) you wish to join. A team representative must be present at the Virtual League meeting, unless otherwise agreed to by the Intramurals staff. For the 2021-2022 season, all participants are encouraged to attend the virtual league meeting!

Please Note: Your spot is secured only when you have completed all four steps listed above.

Step Five – Attend scheduled games and have fun! Be welcoming to Free Agents looking to join a team! 

*In-person programs are subject to change due to provincial health regulations.

For more information regarding UTM Intramurals, please contact the UTM Intramurals Administration Staff at utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca