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"Promoting student wellbeing, belonging & community through physical activity"

UTM Moves is a peer-based wellness education and community-building program at the Department of Recreation, Athletics & Wellness. Through diverse programming initiatives, UTM Moves highlights the benefits of movement and physical activity for student wellbeing and academic success, and aims to make physical activity inclusive, accessible, and fun for all UTM students.

UTM Walks is back for Summer 2024! Starting June 17, UTM Walks will take place every Monday and Wednesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Meet in the RAWC Lobby. Register today! 

Our 2024/25 Volunteer & Paid Positions are now open! Apply by: Aug 4, 2024. Learn more here!


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Events Calendar: Coming soon! Explore our upcoming events designed to help keep you moving and cultivate wellbeing. From wellness walks and outdoor adventures to puppy yoga and fitness challenges, there's something for everyone. Check out our calendar and join us in making movement a part of your daily routine! Keep moving, UTM!


Program at a Glance

The UTM Moves program offers six areas of programming:

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Wellness Events | Participate in a wide range of wellness events throughout the academic year designed to promote physical activity and community at the UTM campus.
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UTM Walks | Step into wellness with UTM Walks, a weekly series offering guided outdoor walks across UTM’s many nature trails, in collaboration with campus and community partners.
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Outdoor Recreation | Coming soon! Embark on exciting outdoor field trips with fellow UTM students where you'll explore nature, challenge yourself, and rejuvenate your mind and body. 
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Move Mentors Mentorship Program | Coming soon! Achieve your fitness and wellness goals with our 6-week mentorship program, pairing you with upper-year student mentors who offer personalized guidance and encouragement, provide a comprehensive overview of our facilities and spaces, and help connect you to different programs and opportunities at the RAWC.
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Activity Zones | Coming soon! Drop by our pop-up Activity Zones around campus to try out select gym equipment, learn about different fitness related topics, and connect one-on-one with RAWC staff.
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Educational Resources | Coming soon! Expand your wellness knowledge with our online collection of educational materials, offering valuable insights and resources for your journey to a healthier you.