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Question: Who can participate in UTM Intramurals?

  • Answer: All current UTM students who pay their UTM Athletics ancillary fee can participate in the UTM Intramurals program. Please refer to the Eligibility section in the UTM Intramurals Handbook for more information. 

Question: Can non-UTM students play in the UTM Intramurals program?

  • Answer: Yes! Faculty and Staff at UTM can participate in UTM Intramurals program by purchasing an RAWC membership.

Question: How do I register a team for UTM Intramurals in-person leagues?

  • Answer:

Step One - Find a league you would like to play in using our UTM Sport Calendar. Once you decided on which sport to play in, submit a Team Entry Form to the UTM Intramurals administrative staff by the registration deadline electronically to utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca 

  • Please Note: If you wish to enter into multiple sport leagues, you must submit a team entry form for each team in a each sport league. I.E. submit one team entry form for Outdoor Soccer, one team entry for for Open Cornhole & one team entry form for Coed Dodgeball.

Step Two - Visit IM Leagues and register your team! Remind & invite your teammates to join your team! You will receive confirmation by email outlining your next steps and detailed information. 

  • Please Note: All participants must be registered on IMLeagues 24hours before their scheduled game. No registration = No Participation 

Step Three - Pay your teams Sport Performance Bond. Payment can be made by visiting the Fusion Portal - Campus Rec & IntramuralsRemember to pay the correct sport performance bond for the leagues and/or division.

Step Four – Attend the Sport League Meeting. All team captains and participants are to join the virtual league meeting for the league(s) you wish to join. A team representative must be present at the sport league meeting, unless otherwise agreed to by the Intramurals staff. All participants are welcome to attend!

  • Please Note: Your spot is secured only when you have completed all four steps listed above.

Step Five – Attend scheduled games and have fun! Be welcoming to Free Agents looking to join a team! 

Visit the How to Register webpage for more information on registration steps for virtual leagues or how to join as a Free Agent.

Question: I cannot attend the scheduled sport league meeting, what do I do?

  • Answer: If you are a team captain and cannot attend the sport league meeting, a registered member of your team can attend in your place. If no member of your team can attend, please send an email to utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca to arrange an alternate method of receiving league information. All participants are welcome to attend!

Question: When is the registration period?

  • Answer: FALL registration opens in early September and WINTER registration opens at the end of November. SUMMER registration will open at the end of April.

Please refer to the UTM Sports Calendar for registration deadlines.

Question: Can the captain sign-up the entire team or does each individual need to register?

  • Answer: Team captains register their team with the Department and on IM Leagues. Each member of the team will then individually join their team on IM Leagues.

If you are new to IMLeagues, Please refer to the IMLeagues Step by Step Participant Registration to create an account. 

Question: What is required to be a team captain in UTM Intramurals Leagues/Tournaments?

  • Answer: The team captains are the individuals who register the team and are the official liaison between the team and the UTM Intramurals Administration Staff. This individual will be listed as a member of the team on the official IMLeagues roster as the captain. They must ensure all members of the team are registered on IMLeagues, inform their teammates on any updates from the league as well as assisting the Game Manager in checking-in all members of their team. They must promote good sportspersonship and fair play before, during and after all games and/or events.
  • Should team captains fulfill this responsibility at the end of the term, they will be eligible for Co-Curricular Record Recognition. For more information on CCR, please visit https://clnx.utoronto.ca/home.htm

Question: Can I still participate in UTM Intramurals if I haven’t registered on IM Leagues?

  • Answer: All participants must be registered to their team minimum 24 hours prior to their first game on IM Leagues
  • Participants will not be permitted to participate in subsequent games until registration on IMLeagues is complete.

Question: How much does it cost to play in UTM Intramurals program?

  • Answer: Teams pay a $50 sport performance bond, which is a deposit held in trust by the Department. The full amount will be refunded to the individual account who paid the bond at the end of the season and/or tournament provided the team does not commit any infractions, suspensions, roster violations and/or defaults. 

Question: How and when do I get my sport performance bond back?

  • Answer: At the end of the season or tournament an email will be sent to all individuals who paid their bond confirming a refund has been made to their account. Sport Performance bonds will be issued back using the same method of payment. 

Question: I don’t have a team to enter, can I register as an individual?

  • Answer: Individual players can register as Free Agents on IM Leagues and send their registration information via email to utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca, outlining the league(s) they wish to join. It is strongly recommended that you attend the Virtual League meeting(s) introducing yourself to teams and expressing interest to join. 

Please Note: UTM Intramurals staff will do their best to assist Free Agents in finding a team, but cannot guarantee placement.


Question: How many games do I have to play in order to be eligible for playoffs?

  • Answer: UTM Intramurals participants need to compete in 40% of regular season games to be playoff eligibility. All eligibility is tracked via game sheets and uploaded onto IM Leagues.

For example, in a five game season, participants are required to play two out of the five games to be eligible for playoffs.

Note that it is the responsibility of each individual player to ensure they have signed-in correctly with the Game Manager before they start to play.

For more information on Playoff Eligibility, please refer to the UTM Intramurals Handbook

Question: I forgot my T-Card, can I still play UTM Intramurals?

  • Answer: If you forgot your T-Card, you can get a temporary pass from the RAWC Welcome Desk. You will need to show this pass along with a piece of photo-ID  to the UTM Intramurals Game Manager to sign-in on the game sheet.

Question: How many teams can I play for?

  • Answer: Participants are allowed to play on one sport team per sport division. For example, participants can play for one team in a Coed Indoor Soccer and one team in Open Indoor Soccer but not two teams in Open Indoor Soccer.  


Question: When does my team’s schedule go up on IM Leagues?

  • Answer: All schedules will be released no later than 48 hours before competition begins. An email will be sent to captains notifying them when the schedules have been updated to IMLeagues.

Question: When will my playoff schedule be released?

  • Answer: Playoff dates and times will be circulated at the virtual league meeting. Teams can follow their standings throughout the season on IM Leagues. Once regular season league games are complete, the playoff games will be uploaded to IM Leagues and email notification sent to captains. 

Question: Where can I find the playing times for each sport league and tournaments?

  • Answer: All sport playing times are listed on the UTM Sports Calendar. Please review the calendar to know when leagues and/or tournaments will be offered each season.

Question: Where are UTM Intramurals games played?

  • Answer: All Indoor Sport leagues (basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, etc.) will take place in the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre Gymnasiums. All Outdoor leagues will either take place on the UTM Tennis Courts or South Field, located beside the P4 & P8 parking structure in front of the Recreation, Athletics & Wellness Centre.




Question: My team is going to be short players, can I reschedule my game?

  • Answer: Please review the rescheduling procedures:
  1. Email your opponent and notify them you are requesting to change the game time. This can be done on IM Leagues or in another preferred method of communication.
  2. Contact other teams in your leagues to swap games times.
  3. Once the approval of all three team captains is confirmed for switching game times, contact the UTM Intramurals administrative staff at utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca with all team captains CC’d outlining the teams, dates and game times being switched.
  4. The UTM Intramurals administrative staff will confirm the receipt and reflect the change on IM Leagues.

Question: How does my team default a game and avoid it affecting our team Sport Performance Bond?

  • Answer: A team must notify the UTM Intramurals Administration Staff no later than 48hrs prior to their scheduled game time. An email must be sent to utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca and your team will be given a forfeit. We encourage participants to stay in contact with their team members and if they are feeling unwell, they should NOT participate in UTM Intramurals in-person events. 

A forfeit will result in a loss for the team and will affect team standings but will not impact their team sport performance bond.

Games where teams do not communicate with UTM Intramurals in advance, no shows and/or not enough having enough players will result in a default and deduction from the team’s sport performance bond.

Question: If the weather is bad, is my game cancelled?

  • Answer: If you do not receive notification of cancelled games, then all programs will continue as planned.

In the event of the University being closed due to inclement weather, ALL UTM Intramural programs will be cancelled. Administrative staff will notify participants of game cancellations on IM Leagues and email. The UTM Intramurals Administrative Staff will do our best in rescheduling all cancelled games. However, there is no guarantee that the games will be rescheduled.

Question: I cannot find the answer to my question anywhere online, what do I do?

  • Answer: Please contact the UTM Intramurals Administration Staff at utm.intramurals@utoronto.ca to answer any additional questions you may have!