Frequently Asked Questions


Provincial Proof of Vaccine Requirement 

In accordance with the Province of Ontario Passport Certificate Regulation and effective September 22, 2021, all participants accessing indoor sport, recreation and fitness facilities must be fully vaccinated (2 doses plus 14 days).  The regulation can be found here.

Please note that all Sport & Rec participants of indoor programming are required to show proof of vaccination and complete a screening on the day of your visit.

All requirements can be found on our 2021 Vaccine Requirement page.

When is the RAWC Open?

Please visit our Hours of Operation page for the most accurate information.

Program Registration

  • I found a program I'm interested in joining on your website. How do I register?
    Please visit our PROGRAM REGISTRATION page for complete details on how to register in our programming.

    Register Now
  • Who can register for classes?
    Participant registration eligibiltiy varies for each program. For complete details on who can register for each program type, visit the respective program webpage on our website. You can also email your enquiries to rawcmembershipservices@utoronto.ca


  • I'm a UTM Student, do I need to buy a membership? 
    All registered U of T students who have paid their tuition fees in full have access to the RAWC facilities and drop-in programs. No additional fee is required.

Equipment Rental

  • Does the RAWC supply sport equipment?
    Some sport equipment, including squash and badminton racquets, indoor soccer balls, basketball balls and volleyballs are available to sign-out for free with your membership/ student card at the Welcome Desk, located by the turnstiles. Participants are responsible for bringing their own safety equipment, including protective eyewear, mouthguards and shin pads. Members are responsible for returning equipment in good condition. Damaged or lost equipment is subject to replacement costs.

Gym Etiquette 

  • What should I wear while using the facilities?
    Members must wear appropriate athletic clothing and athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Street clothes, ripped or torn clothing, sandals, open-toed shoes, cleats and bare feet are not permitted in the facility.
  • What should I do at the end of my workout?
    Please return all weights and equipment to their respective areas after use. As well, please also wipe down the equipment used after each workout using the cleaning towels located throughout the facilities.
  • I forgot my lock. Can I bring my backpack/ jacket into the fitness centre with me?
    Coats, boots, bags etc. are not permitted anywhere but change rooms. Day lockers are available inside the main change rooms. 
  • Are food/ drinks permitted inside the RAWC?
    The RAWC is a water-only facility. Please use unbreakable containers. No food or drink anywhere in the facility.


  • When a closing time is indicated on your hours of operations page, does that mean I can workout right until that time?
    No. All users are required to vacate the RAWC areas within 15 minutes of scheduled closing time.