• I'm a UTM Student, do I need to buy a membership? 
    All currently registered U of T students, who have paid their tuition fees in full, have access to the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre and it's drop-in programs. No additional fee is required.
  • What if I forget my student/membership card?
    There is a limit of 3 admissions per year (Jan. 1 - Dec. 31). A temporary pass will be assigned to you after verification of your status. The 3 admissions are valid for the calendar year, not for the duration of your membership. If the 3 temporary passes are used up within a year, access to the facilities will be denied without a valid student/membership card. Photo ID is required to verify identity. If your card is lost/stolen you must report it to Membership Services immediately.
  • What if I have lost my membership card? 
    You will need to purchase a replacement card for $10.00.
  • What if I have lost my student card? 
    Replacement T-Cards are available only from the Office of the Registrar. The Membership Services counter can only provide temporary access to the facilities. Please note that replacement card fees are established by the Office of the Registrar.
  • Can I extend/put on hold my membership?
    We offer the flexibility of monthly memberships if you are unable to sign up long term. Memberships will not be extended or put on hold for absences and are non-transferable.
  • Can I cancel my membership?
    Membership cancellations are made for serious medical reasons only. Refunds will NOT be given for special events or closures. Cancellation requests must be made in writing draw.admin@utoronto.ca. A medical/doctor's note is also required. An administrative fee of $30.00 will apply to membership cancellations.
  • Can a membership be suspended?
    We encourage all members to abide by the Fair Play Code and the RAWC facility rules and regulations for the enjoyment of all. We reserve the right to suspend memberships due to non-compliance with the Fair Play Code and facility rules and regulations or non-payment of fees.


  • Does the RAWC supply sports equipment?
    For racquet sports, drop in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and soccer, equipment is available to sign out for free with your membership/student card at the Control Counter, located by the turnstiles. Participants are responsible for bringing their own safety equipment including protective eye wear, mouth guards and shin pads. Members are responsible for returning equipment in good condition. Damaged or lost equipment is subject to replacement costs.
  • How do I register for classes?
    Try our online registration by clicking the button below!

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  • You can also register for classes in person at the Membership Services counter. Classes are not held on statutory holidays, long weekends, during Reading Week/Mid-Term Study Break or during maintenance periods.
  • Who can register for classes?
    Current members of the RAWC may register for any of the offered instructional classes. Please note that your membership must be current at the time of registration and for the duration of the instructional classes. Non Members have access to register in certain classes as indicated in the activity guide.
  • Can I transfer classes or get a refund?
    Before the second class of each session, transfers and/or refunds are permitted. There is a 10 per cent or $5 administrative fee, whichever is greater, for each class, clinic, or workshop dropped. For clinics, refunds must be processed four days prior to the start date.