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We are Tri-Campus.
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Our mission is to provide co-curricular sport opportunities for UTM students that positively impacts the post-secondary experience and supports student health and well-being in a fun and inclusive environment.


Our UTM Learn to Play program will teach the basic fundamentals and rules of the sport to gain experience and confidence for each student. Interested in learning a new sport? Tell is which sport you would like to learn this year using the survey link.

UTM Sports - Come see what you can do...

Tri-Campus Sports

Compete in a higher level of intramural sport! UTM students represent their campus in different sport leagues and tournaments across the three U of T campuses.

Visit our Tri-Campus page to learn more.

UTM Intramurals

Take a break from class and play sports at UTM! UTM students create teams and compete against each other in a recreational sport environment. 

Check out our UTM Intramurals page to see what leagues, virtual events, tournaments and special events we will be offering for the Summer 2022 and the upcoming 2022-2023 year.

Drop-In Sports

No standings, no stats, no commitment; join fellow UTM sport enthusiasts for an informal game or practice your skills solo!

UTM offers drop-in hours in:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Soccer
  • Squash
  • Tennis and more... 

University of Toronto Varsity Blues

With over 900 Varsity athletes on 44 teams across 26 sports, U of T has one of North America’s largest intercollegiate sport programs, including sports for individuals like mountain biking or wrestling to team sports like football, hockey, soccer and much more.  Visit for more!

Looking for a job on-campus? Visit our Employment Opportunities page to learn more.

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