Recreational & Fitness Swimming

Dive into recreational & fitness swimming with us!

At UTM, we offer a variety of recreational swimming activities to meet your aquatic needs. Join us for a fun swim with some friends or challenge yourself and set a personal record in our fitness swim program. Spots are limited so registration/reserving your spot is strongly encouraged!

The recreational and fitness swim opportunities listed below are available to all UTM registered UTM students, staff and faculty with active RAWC memberships and RAWC Members including day pass holders:

Recreational Swim OpportunitiesDescription

H2O Fitness


H2O Fitness is a 45-minute, fun and challenging low-impact group fitness class designed for the pool using the resistance of the water. Join us for intervals of cardio, strength, core and flexibility using the water belts, aqua weights, noodles, and stand up paddleboard.

See the full schedule of H2O fitness classes in our calendar.

Intro to Coached SwimThis program is for individuals seeking a gym alternative for fitness, those training for triathlons, and competitive swimming training who might have limited coached environment experience. The program is designed to enhance competitive swimming abilities, stroke techniques, and personal fitness. This program will introduce the structure of a coached swim and provide a challenging workout for those new to the coached environment. Participants must be able to swim a minimum of 25m and be comfortable in deep water.
Coached SwimThe UTM Coached Swim is a program for individuals seeking a gym alternative for fitness, focusing on training for triathlons and competitive swimming. The program is designed to enhance competitive swimming abilities, stroke techniques and personal fitness. Team spirit is encouraged through the occasional organization of social events and regular participation.
Stroke DevelopmentAre you looking to get some guidance on improving your strokes? This program will allow you to get feedback on your strokes and ideas to help make improvements. Staff will watch your strokes and provide drills to help you fine tune your strokes. Please note that this is not a lesson.
Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

Join our drop-in stand-up paddleboard sessions (SUP) and get acquainted with the paddleboard.  This equipment challenges your balance and core. A unique opportunity to experience the popular SUP boards and get a great workout.

Minimum swimming skills required for safety. The facility swim test will be required to participate.

Fun SwimThis is time in the pool simply to enjoy it at your leisure. The pool will be divided - the shallow end will be isolated for those who would like to stand on the bottom and the deep end space will be open for diving and play. Children of members (accompanied by the member guardian) are welcome to come to this swim.
Women’s Only Fitness SwimThese swim times are available for female-identifying individuals only. At the same time as the swim, there may be a women's only registered swim class offered. During this swim, our facility will be visually isolated from public viewing.
Fitness SwimDrop-in lane swimming is available in our pool.  The pool set up may vary based on other programming and will include 25m lengths as well as 18m widths.
Sports, Games, & PlayJoin our Sports, Games & Play pool time.  This time will offer an opportunity to get your friends together to play water basketball, inner tube water polo or water volleyball or if you would rather a fun filled game of Marco Polo. There will also be collaboration events with UTM Sports for organized team sports.
Learn to FloatAn introductory program designed to focus on basic water safety and build your confidence in an aquatic environment. It will work to develop safety, submersion, recovery and floating skills. This program is for students only.

Questions about the recreational swim opportunities at UTM? Please email us at