Tri-Campus Tryout Information

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Want to be involved in sports this year? Want to represent the UTM Eagles? Tryout for any of our Tri-Campus sport teams.

All UTM students interested in representing the UTM Eagles, must tryout for the team that interest them the most. See below for more details and be sure to register for one of the tryout dates:


Registration for Tri-Campus Tryouts (Opens December 1, 2023)

How to Register for Tri-Campus Tryouts: Step-by-step guide



First-time registering for tryouts? Forgot how the registration process goes? Watch our step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through the registration process. 



  • Participants must register for one session prior to tryouts for the sport team they are interested in. During the registration process, you must review all waivers and concussion resources, Ontario’s Concussion Awareness Resources, UTM Concussion Code of Conduct and UTM Receipt of Review of Concussion Resources  
  • Review the teams page to learn more about when practices and games take place to ensure you are able to make the commitment 
  • All participants who register in advance can join the virtual team meeting to learn more about the specific Tri-Campus sport team 
    • Virtual meeting details will be shared via email once you have registered.
  • All participants are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tryout time to check-in at the designated area. Please have your physical T-Card ready at check-in. 
    • Specific check-in details will be shared via email once you have registered
    • For example: if you are attending tryouts at North Field, a tent will be present for you to check. If your tryout is in Gym C or Gym A/B, tables will be set up across from the RAWC Welcome desk for you to check-in 
    • If your tryout is off-campus, check-in will be done at that specific location i.e. Canlan Sport Arena - Rink #1
  • Be dressed and ready to participate in appropriate athletic attire
    • Shin guards are mandatory for soccer as well as neck guards for hockey
  • Tryouts will be up to 90 minutes. Team Coaches will oversee and make selection based on what the observed throughout the tryout.
  • All participants who attended tryouts will receive communication on next steps via email.

Please visit the individual Tri-Campus sport pages to see the league format and team details.

NOTE: As of July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport. Under Rowan's Law, all participants, coaches, trainers, UTM Sport staff and educators must review the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Concussion Awareness ResourcesEvery year, while registering for tryouts, participants will need to review and acknowledge the UTM Concussion protocol

For more information on the UTM Tri-Campus leagues, please contact the UTM Sports Staff at