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The Strength & Conditioning Centre at the RAWC is designed to give our students the best tools to improve their physical performance.  This facility is equipped with bumper plates and rubber flooring, allowing dynamic barbell movements to be performed safely. Perfect for performing the Olympic lifts, powerlifting exercises as well as other sport specific training modalities. 

Athletic Strength & Development Program

This program is designed to educate and support those seeking to enhance athletic performance. Using a variety of tools and methods for improving movement quality, health, and physical performance (strength, speed & power), this program emphasizes physical preparation and injury prevention to meet the demands of recreational and competitive sport. Athletic Strength & Development program is evidence-based programming focused on long term progressive-overload with consideration of the specific demands of sport.

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Strength & Conditioning Centre Hours (Effective until August 30, 2024)


Monday - Friday

*Please note of our Women's Only Hours

11 AM to 8 PM*


Saturday & Sunday



12 PM to 4 PM

Women's Only: Drop in Fitness

Day Time
Monday to Friday

1pm to 2pm

4pm to 5pm

Tuesday & Thursday5pm to 6pm

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