Rules and Regulations

General Member Conduct and Facility Rules & Regulations

  • Members of the Recreation, Athletics and Wellness Centre are required to swipe their valid student or membership card at the Control Counter and all other turnstiles when using the facility. Members are required to carry their cards with them at all times while using the facilities.
  • Fraudulent use of a membership card and/or card swapping will result in immediate suspension and loss of membership privileges and no refunds will be granted. These actions may result in criminal charges.
  • Please abide by the Code of Fair Play while using the RAWC.
  • Members must wear appropriate athletic clothing and athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Street clothes, ripped or torn clothing, sandals, open-toed shoes, cleats, and bare feet are not permitted in the facility.
  • Skateboards, in-line skates, heelies, and bicycles are not permitted in the RAWC.
  • We are a water-only facility. Please use unbreakable containers. No food or drink anywhere in the facility.
  • Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited in the athletic facilities and on the fields.
  • Please keep your dog(s) leashed at all times on University of Toronto Mississauga outdoor facilities. Dogs are not permitted inside the RAWC.
  • Golf is prohibited on any of the University of Toronto Mississauga outdoor areas.
  • All users are required to vacate the athletic areas within 15 minutes of scheduled closing time.
  • Shaving in the sauna/steam room is not permitted. Users are asked to sit on towels while in the sauna/steam room.
  • Please return all weights and equipment to their respective areas after use.
  • Free weights must remain in the strength training areas.
  • Chalk use is prohibited in the fitness center with the exception of the high performance center.
  • All equipment - exercise benches, mats, cardio equipment - must be wiped off after each use.
  • Photography and video taping in the facility is not permitted without prior departmental permission.
  • Please report any damaged equipment or broken equipment to the Control Counter immediately.
  • The Department of Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation is not responsible for lost/stolen items. Please contact Campus Police if you have a safety concern.
  • In case of injury or accident, the Facility Staff should be contacted immediately. In case of serious accident or injury, Campus Police can be called using the Emergency Phones located throughout the facility. In the case of a fire alarm, the premises will be evacuated immediately.

Membership Watch Program

In collaboration with Campus Police, the RAWC has instituted a Membership Watch Program. We ask that all members (student, staff, and community) report any unusual or suspicious activity immediately to RAWC staff or Campus Police. Together we can all help to keep the RAWC a safe and secure environment.

Gym bags and other bags

Coats, boots, bags etc. are not permitted anywhere but change rooms. Three hour lockers are available inside the main change rooms. Leaving valuables in lockers is not recommended.

Unauthorized Private Instruction or Coaching

Students and members are not permitted to conduct, or solicit for any form of business within the facilities (personal training, private lessons), nor are they permitted to conduct or organize unauthorized paid or voluntary coaching sessions or group/club programs.

Privacy Change Room/All Gender Change Room

The Privacy/All Gender change room is equipped with cubicles for changing. There is direct access to the pool deck from this change room. All possessions are to be left in the 3 hour lockers provided in the common area of this change room.

This change space is exclusively for people with privacy and/or accessibility needs or concerns and families with small children. We ask all other members to use the gender appropriate change rooms.

Privacy cubicles are also available in the male and female change rooms.

There is no nudity allowed outside of the change cubicles in the privacy change room - both male and female patrons change here.