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UTM Intramurals offers a variety of Tournaments and Special Events for UTM students wishing to join a 1-day event. If it be virtual or in-person, we are offer multiple sport and recreation opportunities for students to enjoy. In person years, we have hosted a variety of tournaments & special events such as:

Inner-tube Water Polo

3v3 Basketball

Eagles Chase Challenge

Table Tennis




Mini-foot and Disc Golf

Game Nights

4v4 Volleyball

Free Agent Round Up Event 


*In-person programs are subject to change due to provincial health regulations.

2024 Spring UTM Intramural Tournaments

Spring Intramural Tournaments Calendar

Save the dates for the Spring semester one-day tournament events! Full details and registration can be found on IMLeagues. 

Click here to visit IMLeagues

Registration for events varies. Be sure to click the link for the event for registration details. For all UTM Intramurals Tournaments, please be sure to follow the steps below:


Step One - Find the special event or tournament you wish to join submit an online Team Entry Form.

Please Note: If you wish to enter into multiple tournaments/events, you must submit a team entry form for each event/tournament. I.E. submit one team entry form for UTM Amazing Race, one team entry form for inner tube water polo and one team entry form for table tennis Tournament.

Step Two - Visit IM Leagues and register your team! Remind & invite your teammates to join your team! (If applicable) You will receive confirmation by email outlining your next steps and detailed information. 

  • NOTE: Esports Tournament participants must create a team using their Gamer Tag/ID. Gamer Tag/ID will be their Team Name

Please Note: All participants must be registered on IMLeagues 24hours before their scheduled game. No registration = No Participation 

Step Three – Review the tournament rules and attend the event. Be welcoming to any Free Agents who wish to join a team for a specific event and have fun! Should you have any questions, email

If you have any additional questions, contact

Open Badminton Doubles Champions

UTM Intramural Tournament Form