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Women's only fitness is a targeted needs-based program designed to ensure equitable participation in physical wellness activities. These programs are led by female-identifying fitness specialists who strive to understand and empower our female students on their health and wellness journey. 

Women's Only Group Fitness Class Description

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Women on Weights! (WOW) 

A class that caters to women's needs and wants! Providing a safe space to get energized while building up strength and muscle. Push yourself and raise your limits with our women focused circuit training using a mix of cardio and weights. An inclusive, fun, and supportive environment that will teach you effective exercises and challenge you to reach your goals.

Women’s Only Barbell 101

Barbells are one of the most essential pieces of equipment in the gym. They can help you lose weight, reduce body fat, increase strength, and build muscle. Knowing how intimidating they can be, our trainers will provide you with a supportive space to get comfortable using barbells and teach you the proper form for the squat, deadlift, bench press and row. This is a technique-oriented class.

Women's Only Cardio HIIT

A 45-minute-high intensity interval training class for all fitness levels. Use a variety of cardiovascular and resistance training equipment such as Ski Ergs, Rowers, Curve Treadmills, weights and more to build cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

Women's Only TRX Fusion

This class will give you the opportunity to get fit using unique equipment such as TRX suspension systems, Equalizer bars, kettle bells and more. You’ll get a good sweat while learning new skills, building strength, and endurance. All fitness levels welcome.

Women's Only Roll & Recover

Join us for this RAWC Roll & Recover session using the foam roller and a series of stretches to alleviate muscle tightness and promote recovery and injury prevention.  

Learn about trigger points and how to reduce muscle soreness while increasing mobility. This session can be enjoyed pre or post workout.

Equipment provided.  All fitness levels welcome.


Women's Only: RAWC WOD

Join us for RAWC WOD sessions led by female personal trainers. Learn the proper technique and a variety of exercises to add to your own workouts. From dumbbells to barbells, no matter what your fitness goal is… we got you covered!

Women's Only: H2O Boot Camp (POOL)

45-minute fun and challenging low intensity fitness class designed for the pool using the resistance of the water.  Get your strength and interval training with our aqua belts, weight and noodles. Challenge yourself and get ready for a top to bottom workout!! All fitness levels welcome.

Questions? Please email us at rawcwelcome@utoronto.ca to learn more about Fitness & Recreation at UTM

Women's Only Fitness at the Strength & Conditioning Centre and Pool

10:10 - 10:40 AM    

Roll & Recover

01:10 - 01:55 PM

Cardio HIIT

Women on Weights! (WOW)


Women on Weights! (WOW)

Barbell 101

04:10 - 04:55 PM

Women on Weights! (WOW)

Barbell 101

Women on Weights! (WOW)

Cardio HIIT

Women on Weights! (WOW)

05:10 - 05:55 PM

H2O Bootcamp