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RAWC Fitness Consultations

Interested in working out but don’t know how to get started? Workout regularly but want some expert advice? Take advantage of our RAWC 30-minute Fitness Consultation and 3x30-minute Personal Training sessions offered by our UTM Fitness Specialists. 

RAWC 3x30 Personal Training

Beginning first with a 30-minute fitness assessment, our trainers will identify your current fitness level and then design a personalized fitness program for you and your goals. The following sessions will be used to teach you how to work towards the goals outlined in your fitness program and how to perform the exercises safely. Available to all registered students at no additional cost.

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Personal Training Packages

If you need further assistance in achieving your long-term goals and staying motivated, our trainers are here to work with you! Each 50-minute session, our personal trainers will walk with you every step of the way, allowing you to train at your own pace at times that work best for you. Whatever your goals are, we are here and ready to help! Please see the charts below for personal training rates:

UTM Students

Personal Training Packages Price
5 Sessions $245
10 Sessions $460

 RAWC Members

Personal Training Packages Price
Fitness assessment  Complimentary
5 Sessions $375
10 Sessions $720

RAWC members are also eligible for a complimentary fitness consultation and assessment. For more information please send us an email at One of our Fitness Specialists will be in touch with you shortly in 2-3 business days.