Before You Arrive

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What You Must Do


Tip 1

   1. Enable your JOINid at the University of Toronto admissions website. You will need:

  • Your U of T Applicant Number found in your email acknowledgement;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your ten-digit OUAC Reference Number.

2. Accept your offer of admission on the OUAC website.

  • You must accept the offer by the deadline specified on your admission letter;
  • Register for the ACE@UTM program if required on your conditional offer of admission. 


1. Apply for a study permit;

Get a passport




  • Ensure your study permit is valid; 
  • Make sure you have a valid passport. 

2. Apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

3. Apply for visas and any other required immigration documents for accompanying family.


 Almost half of the students living in Residence are international students.
  • Off campus housing

    Off campus housing
  • Temporary housing options prior to move-in day (if applicable).
    • Nearby hotels
    • Visitor housing – one unit availble right on campus, limited availability. Book in advance as July-September are considered peak season.


1. Select your courses;

  • Review the Course Calendar to identify courses of interest;
  • Make a note of the registration dates found on the Registration Guide;
  • Sign on to ACORN to enroll in classes and view your fees.

2. Pay your fees.

Important Documents

1. Make copies of all your important documents and keep them in a safe place;

2. Have the following documents readily available: 

Leave a copy of documents with a family member
  • Passport;
  • Letter of introduction;
  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) 
  • UofT offer of admission letter;
  • Proof of sufficient funds;
  • Health records;
  • Address of where you will be staying and important phone numbers (contact for your landlord or residence office to obtain the details).

3. Set a reminder on your calendar with the expiry dates of each document to avoid finding yourself in an unfortunate situation with expired documents.

Get Your Plane Ticket

It is important that you attend your classes from the beginning of the term. Make sure to include additional days in your travel plans so you can attend the various Orientation events that usually start prior to the start of classes. 

Plan Ahead

Transportation from the Airport

Decide on the type of transportation service that best suits your needs

Bus fare
  • Public Transit - Approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes.
    • For more information about accessing Public transit please visit here.
  • Taxi Services - You have the option of using the Airport Taxi services or Uber which take approximately 35 minutes depending on traffic.
    • For more information on accessing airport taxi services, please visit here.
    • Ensure to plan your trip from the airport in advance, the pick-up spots at the airport are different depending on which taxi you choose.
  • *Please note that the time estimates are based on travel time without traffic and the costs vary depending on the taxi service.


Research and sign up for the multiple orientation events:

  • International & New-to-Canada Student Welcome - brought to you by the International Education Centre and UTMSU, this event will provide you with a great opportunity to meet other international, new-to-Canada and domestic students, discover the campus and explore the city!
  • EagleOrientation - the official welcome to UTM provides new students with an introduction to academic and social life on campus to help with their transition;
  • Residence Orientation - only open to students living in on campus housing as a way to introduce them to their community;
  • UTMSU Orientation Week  - first year student orientation brought to you by the University of Toronto Mississauga Student Union;
  • Parent, Families and Supporters Orientation - for parents and families, a special session for parents of international students will be offered.
  • Winter Welcome - For students joining in the winter term. An official winter welcome to UTM for first and second year students.

Transition Programs

Sign up for programs that will support your transition to UTM  

  • International Student Mentorship Program - you will be paired up with an upper-year mentor that will support you as you transition into Canada and UTM. Connect with upper-year students, meet other mentees, build a network that will help you make the most out of your experience! 
  • Canada-eh - Join us for a session as we explore the culture of Canada, its places and people, seasons, food and traditions, and give you some real-life student stories and personal experiences including trips to places such as the Niagra falls, museums and other fun filled events  
  • Transition Coaching Program - With the support of the Transition Coaching Program, you can build the skills you need to meet and exceed your expectations, and help answer some incredibly important questions:    
    • How do I make goals for myself and stick to them?  
    • How do I better manage my time and get my work done?  
    • How do I manage my stress during the school year?  
    • How do I make new friends and get involved on campus? 
    • Who is here to support me on campus?
  • For more programs please visit here  

What to Pack

Money – make sure to pack enough cash for immediate expenses including but not limited to food and transportation;

Seasonal clothing – Mississauga experiences cold temperatures generally between the months of October and April making winter clothing important. You can bring appropriate clothing from your home country or buy it in Canada after you arrive;

Immigration documents – This is very important! Be sure you have paper AND electronic copies of important documents;

Prescription drugs – if needed;

Medical records – recommend in case you need them;

Your UofT offer of admission letter.