Exchange Student UTM Course Registration

Congratulations on your admission as an exchange student to the University of Toronto's Mississauga Campus.

Please make sure that you read the below information carefully as it will answer many of your questions.

Information About Choosing courses:

  • Students coming for the full academic year can enroll in a combination of year-long (E.g., ENG100Y5) and half-year courses (E.g., ENG100H5F or ENG100H5S). You are only allowed to select courses that are offered during the term(s) that you will be in Mississauga (e.g., if you are coming in the Fall, you can only take courses that ends with H5F). If you are only coming for one term, you cannot choose any Y courses.
  • Course level: 400-level (4th year) courses are often available only to upper-year U of T degree students. You may request 400-level courses, but be advised that there is no guarantee that you will be permitted to enroll in them. Similarly, many 100-level courses (e.g., ENG100H1) are intended for first-year U of T students only.
  • Please note that it is NOT POSSIBLE to take second year Management courses at UTM and very difficult to get into third and fourth year courses

Additional Notes:

  • We do not require that you have approval from your home university before making these course requests.
  • There will be an opportunity at the beginning of each term to request changes to your course enrolments.

Please note that your course selections are not guaranteed. You will be able to view your final course timetable online via ACORN once they are finalized. Below are the instructions on how to choose your courses for your upcoming exchange.

Steps to register

  1. Search for courses in the UTM Timetable Planner to view course descriptions and find courses of interest;
    • Each course will have a specific code (e.g. BIO304H5F).
      • The first three letters determine the discipline the course is related to (e.g. BIO = Biology)
      • The first three numbers determine the year of study the course is associated with (e.g. 304 =  third year, 204 = second year)
      • The last three components determine if it is a full year course, over both the fall and winter terms (e.g. Y5Y) or a half year course (e.g. H5F = only fall term, H5S = only winter term). Please make sure you choose courses for the time period you will be at UTM.
  2. Determine if you are eligible to take the course by reviewing the course prerequisites and verifying that the courses you have taken abroad satisfy those requirements 
    • It is your responsibility to determine if you are eligible to take a course. Please make sure that you have taken the necessary prerequisite courses at your home institution before choosing your UTM courses. The associated department will verify this information and may deny enrollment if the prerequisites are not met.
  3. Determine the lecture (LEC), tutorial (TUT) and practical (PRA) you would like to enrol in by visiting the UTM Timetable Planner;
    • If a course does not appear in the Timetable, then it is not being offered. Therefore, you may NOT select the course.
    • Not all courses will have a tutorial or practical associated with the lecture
  4. Verify that there are no scheduling conflicts by selecting your LEC, TUT, and PRA on the UTM Timetable Planner and clicking "add courses to my timetable plan" on the left-hand side of the page
    • It is the student's responsibility to determine that there are no scheduling conflicts with any of the courses and associated tutorials and/or practicals selected.
  5. Please list in order of preference, the courses that you would like to be registered in at UTM on the correct form below. You may enter up to 10 courses per term for consideration. Doing so will increase your chances of being placed in the courses you want.
  • Exchange students may enroll in a maximum of 5.0 full credits for a full academic year (or 2.5 credits for one term).
  • We will go down the list and enroll you in every possible course until we reach 2.5 credits for each term, and then we will STOP.
  • Submit the registration form as soon as possible:

Make sure to add to your email safe sender list and check your email regularly for updates and possible requests for more information.

    Thank you very much for carefully reading and following these instructions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.