Co-Op Work Permit

Co-op Work Permit

Work experience is a required component of some programs of study. Students who have been accepted in a UTM co-op program may apply for a co-op work permit. You will need a co-op letter confirming your acceptance into co-op program to be able to apply for the permit. 

You should apply at least five months before you intend to start your co-op placement as work permits can sometimes take a long time to process.

How to apply for a co-op work permit:

      Step 1: Have a valid study permit.

      Step 2: Obtain a co-op letter.

      Step 3: Apply online. There is no processing fee required for the co-op work permit.

      Step 4: The co-op work permit will be mailed to your address in Canada.

If your study permit will expire in the next four to six months, you should apply to extend your study permit and apply for a co-op work permit at the same time. Your co-op work permit will not be issued past the expiry date of your study permit.


Important Note

If you are planning to work with children or in the health services field, you must complete and pass a medical examination before submitting your application.  You should book your medical examination well in advance as the process can be lengthy.  For a complete list of these occupations and a list of Designated Medical Practitioners who can perform the exam, visit the IRCC website.  When you submit your work permit application, attach proof that you underwent a medical exam (i.e. a copy of your medical receipt). Failure to do so may result in processing delays or the rejection of your application.

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