Intercultural Weekly: Cultural Fusion Fridays


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Are you interested in developing your intercultural competency through facilitated critical discussions on current events, pop culture, the media, and more? Join us every Friday from 3pm - 4pm in the Winter 2024 term as we explore how culture shapes our views and perspectives. These weekly discussions are CCR recognized if you attend at least 4 out of the 7 sessions.

Date & Time Location 
January 26, 20243PM - 4PMIB377 
February 2, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 
February 9, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 
February 16, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 
March 1, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 
March 8, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 
March 15, 20243PM - 4PMMN6128 


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