International Student Profiles 2022-2023

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International Student Profile is a program where students share their experiences at UTM. These student stories aim to motivate students to share their stories with other students to let them know they are not alone in these moments!

Meet Yue Xu


Yue Xu front

Yue Xu back

Advice for First Year Students

Treat course enrollment seriously since it will directly influence the program you can enter in the upper year!

Meet Max Nyanin


Max front

max back

Advice for First Year Students

Get involved as early as you can! The university experience is not only about academia, so try to connect with people and attend all kinds of events (even those that seem boring to you). We have dozens of clubs and societies on campus for students with various interests and career pursuits, so take advantage of that. At the end of the day, you can always put on your entrepreneur hat and start your own club!

Meet Aiela Ayaz

Aiela front

Aiela back

Advice for First Year Students

Make sure you know about the different requirements for your desired POSt and have a backup plan for different programs as well! Also please have fun and try not to stress so much!