Health Insurance

As a University of Toronto Mississauga student, you are required to have health insurance coverage for the duration of your studies at UTM. The sections below will provide you with details on the health coverage options available to students:

Health and Dental
Guard Me

University Health Insurance Plan



You are automatically enrolled in the University Health Insurance Program (UHIP) starting August 10. Due to COVID-19 quarantine requirements, early coverage during the period August 10 – 31 is available free of charge. Fees for coverage during the regular academic year will be listed on ACORN, your student account.

Your UHIP card was automatically emailed to you, print your card and carry it with you. Alternatively, you can access your UHIP card by following the steps below.


The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan for certain international students to ensure you have basic health care coverage while studying in Ontario.

As an international student or exchange student, you are automatically enrolled in UHIP and the coverage charge will be listed on ACORN (your student account). UHIP coverage may also be extended to your eligible dependent family member(s). The UHIP insurer is Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada.

Learn more about UHIP:


International students who are studying remotely outside of Ontario for the full fall 2020 term may apply to dis-enrol from UHIP for the fall semester. Dis-enrollment applications will be available online in October 2020.

Students who dis-enrol but arrive in Canada prior to the end of the fall semester are required to contact the UHIP office immediately upon their arrival. UHIP coverage is mandatory for international students and their dependent family members while they study in Canada.

Students’ UHIP coverage and fees will be activated again for January – August 2021. If border restrictions continue, we will provide more information on how to dis-enrol for the winter semester in January 2021.

Supplemental Insurance

You automatically receive medical and dental insurance coverage through your student association, namely the:

  • University of Toronto Mississauga Students' Union (UTMSU) for full-time undergraduate and professional faculty students
  • Association of Part-time University Students (APUS) for part-time undergraduate students
  • University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (GSU) for graduate students

Learn more about supplemental plans:

Guard Me International Insurance

Students participating in the Summer Academic Culture, and English Program (ACE@UTM) receive health coverage through Guard Me International Insurance - not UHIP.

Visit Guard Me International Insurance for more information regarding coverage.