Chemical & Physical Sciences Opportunities

Out of the 120+ institutions UofT is partnered with, the Department of Chemical & Physical Science (CPS) has identified these international partners as the most meaningful and valuable to students in CPS programs.  Partners were selected due to their world rankings, research collaborations, unique program offerings, and distinct geographical areas. These are not the only schools you can attend on exchange, but it is a good place to start your research about international possibilities. You can search for other schools here.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University is located in Wales’ capital city. Ranked in the top five universities for research excellence, and second for research impact in the UK, Cardiff University is a member of the Russell Group. 

Did You Know?

  • In 1904, Cardiff University appointed the first ever female professor in the UK; Millicent McKenzie
  • Cardiff has the most castles of any city in the world
  • Home to the oldest record store in the world
  • Sherlock and Dr. Who are often filmed on the university’s campus
  • Wales provided the backdrop to movies such as Captain America, Harry Potter and Die Another Day



Examples of Courses You Can Take: 

Thermodynamics and Kinetics (CH3205)
Advanced Organic Chemistry (CH3303)
Forensic Chemistry (CH2112)
Bioinorganic Chemistry (CH3308)
Chemical Biology (CH3113)
Thermal and Statistical Physics (PX2231)
The Physics of Fields and Flows (PX2131)
Introductory Quantum Mechanics (PX2132)
Optics (PX2232)
Digital Medical Imaging (PX3147)

Plus many more courses here.

Lund University

Lund University is ranked as Sweden’s top university, and the only university in Sweden to be a member of the League of European Research Universities (LERU) and Universitas21. Two major research facilities are currently under construction at Lund University; a world leading synchrotron radiation laboratory and the European Spallation Source (ESS), which will be home to the world’s most powerful neutron source. Lund was voted the best place to live in Sweden, due to being a safe city filled with the healthiest and youngest population in the country. 

Did You Know?

  • One of the most popular meals in Sweden is meatballs with potatoes and lingonberry sauce
  • A Lund alumni created Bluetooth technology
  • Lund University was the place where the actual number of human chromosomes was first identified


Examples of Courses You Can Take: 

Organic Chemistry, Advanced Course (KEMM01)
Analytical Chemistry – Advanced Course (KEMM06)
Bioinorganic Chemistry (KEMM32)
Biochemistry – Advanced Course (KEMM13)
Molecular Quantum Mechanics (KEMM28)
Organometallic Chemistry (KEMM12)
Magnetic Resonance. Spectroscopy and Imaging (KEMM17)

Optical Methods in Molecular Spectroscopy (KEMM19)
Electroanalytical Chemistry (KEMM36)

You can view all the courses available to exchange students here.

National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore is ranked first in Asia and twelfth in the world, and is internationally respected for its high-quality research in science, technology, and the humanities. It houses three out of five of Singapore’s Research Centres of Excellence with focuses on quantum technologies, cancer, and mechanobiology. 

Did You Know?

  • The Deck” on campus is one of the only food courts in Singapore to be given the “Eco-Foodcourt label.” It was given this award based on its sustainable takeaway packaging,  water-saving devices, recycling of used cooking oil and waste plastic bag tax, and use of natural light
  • The British Council voted Singaporeans as having the fastest walking speed in the world. At an average of 18 metres in 10.55 seconds, they walk as fast as bees fly


Examples of Courses You Can Take: 

Please note it is not possible to link directly to syllabi at the National University of Singapore. If you input the course codes below into the following page you will be able to view them: 

Analytical Chemistry 1 CM2142
Organic Chemistry 2 CM2121
Analytical Chemistry for Applied Chemistry CM2166
Quantum Chemistry & Molecular Thermodynamics CM3231
Inorganic Chemistry 2 CM2111
Organic Reaction Mechanisms CM3222
Organic Synthesis And Spectroscopy CM3221
Biomolecules CM3225
Molecular Basis Of Drug Design CM3268
Nanochemistry CM3251

You can view all the courses available to exchange students here.

University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is the largest institution of research and education in Denmark. Eight researchers from the university have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics and Medicine.  An Annual Commemoration is held on campus in November, which the Queen of Denmark regularly attends.

Did You Know?

  • Copenhagen was voted the “happiest and safest city in the world” in 2013 by the UN
  • Home of the Kronborg Castle, made famous by Shakespeare’s play Hamlet
  • Home to famous author Hans Christian Anderson, with a Little Mermaid statue to mark this landmark  
  • “Freetown”, located just outside the city centre is tax and car free


Examples of Courses You Can Take: 

Biophysics of onequilibrium processes and evolution (NFYK14026U)
Biophysics of cells and single molecules (NFYK15006U)
Applications of X-ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (NFYK12004U)
Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry (NKEK15004U)
Organic Chemistry (NKEK13006U)
Advanced Analytic Chemistry – Sampling and Sample Preparation (NPLK13003U)
Methods and Modelling in Inorganic Chemistry (NKEK15003U)
The Chemistry of Metal Ions in Biological System (NKEK14015U)
Advanced Analytic Chemistry – Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry (NPLK13004U)
Advanced Quantum Mechanics (NFYK15003U)

Plus many more courses here

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is located in Scotland’s vibrant and historic capital city, just steps away from a world famous arts festival, Scotland’s mountains, and beaches. Placed in the top three of the prestigious Russell Group, a collective of the UK’s leading, research-intensive universities, and ranked in the top five for sports in the UK, the University of Edinburgh offers diversity in co-curricular experiences. 

Did You Know?

  • The University of Edinburgh’s newspaper, The Student, is UK’s oldest student newspaper, which was started by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1887, the author of Treasure Island
  • Edinburgh, the inspiring capital of Scotland, is a historic, cosmopolitan and cultured city that offers a unique living and learning experience. It has been voted favourite UK City for 13 consecutive years
  • Famous former students include Chris Hoy, Katherine Grainger, Gordon Brown, J.K. Rowling, Ian Rankin, Kirsty Wark, David Hume, Joseph Black, Charles Darwin, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Examples of Chemistry and Physics Courses You Can Take: 

Thermal Physics (PHYS09061)
Electromagnetism (PHYS09060)
Quantum Mechanics (PHYS09053)
Biological Physics (PHYS11040)
Quantum Mechanics (PHYS09053)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry Level 10 (CHEM10024)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry Level 11  (CHEM11026)
Analytical Chemistry Level 10 (CHEM10012)
Analytical Chemistry Level 11 (CHEM11014)
Biomacromolecules Level 10 (CHEM10051)
Biomacromolecules Level 11 (CHEM11043)

Examples of Earth Sciences Courses You Can Take: 

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (EASC09008)
Geology and Landscapes (EASC10079)
Volcanology (EASC10091)
Palaeontology (EASC10096)
Formation and Evolution of the Continents (EASC10080)

You can view all the courses available here.  

University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is the first and only UK university to be rated as 5 Stars Plus overall by the QS World University Rankings. It has fostered the talents of seven Nobel Prize winners, one Prime Minister, and Scotland’s inaugural First Minister. The University of Glasgow has conquered many firsts for Scotland and the world such as: Scotland’s first female medical graduates completed their degrees (1894) and the world’s first ultrasound images of a fetus were published (1958)

Did You Know?

  • Albert Einstein has an honorary degree from Glasgow University
  • Adam Smith, the father of economics, and Steven Moffat, the writer and director of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, are Glasgow University alumnus.  
  • One of 3 top places to get curry in the UK
  • Has the third oldest subway in the world, behind London and Budapest


Examples of Chemistry and Physics Courses You Can Take: 

Thermal Physics (PHYS4030)
Electromagnetic Theory 1 (PHYS4004)
Electromagnetic Theory 2 (PHYS5005)
Waves & Diffraction (PHYS4031)
Quantum Mechanics (PHYS4025)
Medical Imaging (PHYS4013)
Magnetism & Superconductivity (PHYS4010)
Medicinal Chemistry (CHEM4011)
Frontiers Of Chemistry (CHEM5016)

Examples of Earth Sciences Courses You Can Take: 

Paleobiology (EARTH2002)
Economic Minerals (EARTH4005)
Geophysics (EARTH4009)
Igneous Geology & Geochemistry (EARTH4013)
Orogens and Basins (EARTH4020)
Tectonic Geomorphology (EARTH4026)
Digital Geoscience (EARTH4050)

Unique courses for Study Abroad Programme students

In addition to the course catalogue selection, Study Abroad Programme students will also have access to unique courses of study, designed especially for visiting students to the University. These classes are: 

Functional Anatomy for Pre-Med/Pre Health Students
Glasgow School of Art Programme for study abroad students 
Bagpipes: History & Repertoire at the National Piping Centre 
Service Learning

You can view all the courses available here

University of Strathclyde

The University of Strathclyde is ranked in the top twenty research intensive universities in the UK. It is located in Scotland’s second largest city, Glasgow, which has recently been named one of the best destinations in the world for 2016 by National Geographic.

Did You Know?

  • John Logie Baird, the creator of the television is an alumni
  • The biggest pool hall in Scotland is located in Glasgow
  • Part of the Brad Pitt film, World War Z, was shot in Glasgow's George Square, which is next to campus. Some of the uni's buildings can be seen during one of the scenes


Examples of Courses You Can Take: 

Chemistry: Prinicples & Practice 1& 2                                                                                                                                                                            Physical Chemistry 1                                                                                                                                                                                                    Forensic Trace Analysis & Analyical Chemistry                                                                                                                                                              Quantum Physics & Electromagnetism                                                                                                                                                                    Experimental Physics                                                                                                                                                                                                    Computational Physics

You can view all the courses available in Chemistry here

You can view all courses available in Physics here.


University of Melbourne

Located in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria and Australia's second-largest city the University of Melbourne is vibrant, culturally diverse and characterized by its friendly people and atmosphere. The campus contains eLearning studios that allow for the more advanced learning and collaborative environments for small groups. 

Did You Know?

  • Many nights you can see across the skyline, a group of approximately 60,000 bats fly from Yarra Bend Park to Melbourne's CBD
  • Melbourne has the highest number of cafes and restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world
  • Melbourne has the largest Greek population of any city in the world outside of Greece


Examples of Chemistry and Physics Courses You Can Take: 

Thermal and Classical Physics PHYC20009
Electromagnetism and Optics PHYC20011
Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity PHYC20010
Quantum Mechanics PHYC90007
Quantum Physics PHYC30018 
Statistical Physics PHYC30017 
Advanced Chemistry for BioSciences CHEM10009    
Chemistry: Reactions and Synthesis CHEM20018    
Reactivity and Mechanism CHEM30016

Examples of Earth Sciences Courses You Can Take: 

Tectonics & Geodynamics (GEOL30002)
Geochemistry & Petrogenesis (GEOL30004)
Economic Geology (GEOL30006)
Past Climates: Icehouse to Greenhouse (ERTH20003)
Dynamical Meteorology and Oceanography (ATOC30004)

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