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We are striving to make UTM Abroad experiences as financially accessible as possible. Please see the bursary options below, if you are concerned about budgeting for a UTM Abroad experience, you can email utmabroad@utoronto.ca to set up an appointment with a coordinator to discuss your options. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants who have received bursaries assume responsibility for those funds upon cancellation of participation.

UTM Abroad Bursaries

  • Bursaries will be awarded based on the participant's demonstrated level of financial need (not tied to OSAP) as shown in the financial need section of the UTM Abroad application.
  • While we make every effort to support participation of as many students as possible, funding is limited so please ensure that your funding application is accurate and requests are submitted only as needed;
  • Bursary amounts vary depending on financial need;
  • Bursary awards will be reviewed by the UTM Abroad bursary committee and will be communicated to participants prior to the second installment deadline;
  • The UTM Abroad Funding Application must be submitted at the time of application and must be submitted by the application deadline. 
  • For the UTM Abroad Academic Experiences, you must be a UTM undergraduate enrolled in the corresponding UTM course at the time of travel to be eligible for this bursary.

How to Apply

You will find the bursary and funding application within the UTM Abroad Application. As you make your way through the application, you will be prompted to fill out various fields as part of the funding application. If you have questions about the funding application, you can email us at utmabroad@utoronto.ca to book an appointment.

Book a Global Learning Advising appointment through CLNx, email us at utmabroad@utoronto.ca.