Refunds & Cancellations

Student Cancellation 

  • The $250 first instalment may only be refunded under the following circumstances: 
    • In the event that we are not able to extend an offer of participation due to space limitations or if the applicant is not accepted into the course; 
    • In the event that there is a scheduling conflict between the course associated with the UTM Abroad Experience and a course that is a program requirement. 
  • All remaining fees are non-refundable. 
  • Should a participant face unforeseen circumstances prohibiting them from participating in the program, they should submit an appeal to the International Education Centre detailing their circumstances and providing any relevant documentation. At the discretion of the university and under exceptional circumstances, fees not including the first installment may be refunded minus a 3% administration fee based on recoverable costs.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Participants who have received bursaries assume responsibility for those funds upon cancellation of participation.

Trip Cancellation at the University’s Discretion 

The University reserves the right to cancel the international experience based on health and safety concerns, insufficient enrollment in the program, or any other unforeseen circumstances.  

The international experience may be cancelled in alignment with pandemic circumstances, public health guidelines, global travel restrictions, and Global Affairs Canada travel advisories change at any time. 

In the event of trip cancellation at the university’s discretion, the university will return all funds that can be recovered directly to students. There may be unrecoverable costs based on external cancellation policies that we will need to abide by. In that event, students will receive partial refunds subject to vendor cancellation policies. There may also be cases where costs are not recoverable, but alternative policies may apply. For example, you may not receive a refund for your flight, but you may receive a voucher from the airline that can be used within an extended period.  

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