Terms of Participation

Forms and Payments 

  • Participants must complete the required application by the specified deadline as found on https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/international/utm-abroad/apply-now

  • Participants must accurately complete and submit the medical section of the application by the specified application deadline. When required, the participant must submit an additional Medical Clearance Form signed by a physician - the form will be provided to you based on your answers to the UTM Abroad application; 

  • Participants must submit all required forms, information and documentation as required by the program and any associated third parties by the specified deadlines; 

  • Participants must meet all outlined payment deadlines;  

  • Participants must familiarize themselves with the UTM Abroad Refund and Cancellation Policy https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/international/utm-abroad/refunds-cancellations;  

  • Participants that are awarded bursaries based on financial need become financially responsible for those funds and are held to the UTM Abroad Refund and Cancellation Policy

  • All applicants are required to submit a $250 non-refundable first instalment by the application deadline to be considered for participation in any of the UTM Abroad program offerings; 

  • All fees must be paid in full by the deadlines outlined on the UTM Abroad website. Failure to meet payment deadlines may result in the cancellation of the applicant's offer of participation in the program with no refund of fees; 

  • The fees posted include flights, transportation in-country, meals, accommodation, and tours/activities listed in the corresponding itinerary; 

  • Fees associated with travel insurance, additional optional tours/activities while abroad, visa applications, medical exams, vaccination and any other additional costs are not included in the program fees; 


  • Participants must participate in all the required sessions/events leading up to the international experience as well as reintegration and reflection events or activities held after the experience. This may include training sessions, community events, pre-departure orientations, etc.; 

  • Participants are required to participate in a Safety Abroad Workshop at UTM or at the Centre for International Experience and must register with the Safety Abroad Database prior to departure; 

  • Participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves and acknowledging the risk of the particular out-of-country activity, taking appropriate precautions as needed. Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with and monitor the Government of Canada Travel Advisories https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories as well as refer to the Safety Abroad website for additional details and resources; 

  • Participants are responsible for making a self-assessment regarding appropriateness of participation; 

  • Participants must connect with the appropriate resource on campus and make any requests for accommodation within 30-days of the application deadline; 

  • Participants are responsible for obtaining and providing proof of their medical travel insurance at least 30-days prior to departure. Participants are responsible for determining the adequacy of their medical travel insurance and ensuring it meets their medical and experiential needs for the duration of the international experience; 

  • Participants are responsible for obtaining appropriate travel documentation (e.g., visitor visas). Refunds will not be awarded for trip cancellations due to delayed visa applications; 

  • Participants are responsible for obtaining any required immunizations, seeking medical advice as needed prior to departure and ensuring they have any required medication readily available to them during the international experience. Participants are encouraged to visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website for information regarding travel vaccinations http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/tmp-pmv/countries-pays/index-eng.php

  • Where applicable, participants must familiarize themselves with the participation and payment policies of associated partners and agree to abide by those policies in addition to University policies (e.g., Operation Groundswell); 

  • The University reserves the right to cancel the international experience in alignment with travel restrictions and health and safety guidelines at any time. Required cancellation or termination of the experience will be communicated to participants through their utoronto email. Available refunds will be assessed based on the circumstances at the time, but are not guaranteed. 

During the Experience 

  • Participants will continue to be accountable to to the University of Toronto policies including but not limited to the Code of Student Conduct and the Policy and Procedures: Sexual Harassment; 

  • Participants agree to remain with the group at all times including during flights and to follow the program requirements and itinerary as outlined by UTM Abroad and any associated partners. 

  • Participants will be held liable for any fees associated with damages caused to the facilities visited or used for accommodation during the travel experience. 

Information Disclosure 

  • Participants agree to the sharing of their health and safety information with the University of Toronto staff member supporting the international experience for use in the case of an emergency; 

  • Participants agree to the sharing of information between University services for matters related to their health and safety; 

  • Information collected through this program may be shared with relevant parties internal and external to the University as required for the proper implementation of the program. All information collection and sharing is directly tied to the program implementation on an as-needed basis and follows the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act.

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