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UTM Abroad offers opportunities for faculty to complement their teaching by embedding a unique travel opportunity relevant to the course theme and for staff to engage in a professional development opportunity abroad providing support to students.

UTM Abroad experiences require the participation of a staff member who travels with the group to look after the safety of students and the accessibility of each international component. As a result of this, staff support the on-the-ground implementation of the program including crisis management, safety monitoring, student development, and program logistics. Those that have the required experience and are interested are welcome to learn more and apply.

UTM Abroad Academic Experiences are built around faculty needs associated with a specific course subject. Faculty-led proposals are selected based on the demonstrated fit of the international component with the course theme, potential student interest in the course and international location, addition to the range of course offerings, and alignment with the University's vision. Applications for course proposals become available in the previous year (e.g. July 2021 for course offerings for the 2022-23 academic year). 

Additional Information

Visit our information pages for more details and to submit a staff application or faculty proposal:

Contact us at utmabroad@utoronto.ca.