International Education Week (IEW)

International Education Week, November 13th to 18th, Earn CCR

Join the International Education Centre (IEC), along with on-campus partners, UofT faculty and community members during International Education Week (IEW) to celebrate all things global! Students will be able to meet new people, develop a global and intercultural mindset, and learn about the benefits of internationalizing their student experience! Come and attend the various events that will be taking place through the week of November 13th to November 18th. Register for these amazing events on CLNx now and join the IEC in celebrating diversity, culture and international education at UTM!

Want to Earn Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?

UTM Students who attend 3 or more events during the week of IEW can submit a 1-2 page reflection paper answering any of the following questions in order to earn CCR:

  • Why is interculturalism important to our society?
  • What are the benefits of having a global mindset and how will you use it in your everyday life?
  • What is 1 new thing you learned about yourself, culture, and international education from participating in IEW 2023?

Reflections can be submitted via email to: by December 1st, 2023.

IEW 2023 Events

Monday, November 13th

  • Exchange Stories

  • Zumba Dancing with the Latin Students Association - Registration CLOSED

  • Taste of Cultures  - Registration CLOSED

    • UTM International Education Centre and Hart House co-present a multi-session journey to explore and expand our understanding of how food informs culture and wellness. Each session will be an interactive conversation, led by a food and culture expert who will share a recipe that is significant to their culture and personal history. 

    • Students, staff, faculty and alumni from all U of T campuses are encouraged to join us to explore the many ways food teaches us about culture and how food creates community, while also learning a tasty recipe and skills to help you in the kitchen.

    • This session is 2 hours long and will include a live cooking demonstration, recipe sharing, open discussion, cooking tips and tricks and of course indulging in a delicious meal! 

Tuesday, November 14th

  • L'Image Exhibit

  • Caribbean Lyme: Steel Pan Event - Registration CLOSED

  • International Movie Night - Registration CLOSED

Wednesday, November 15th

  • International Education Fair - Visit us in the CCT atrium from 11am - 2pm to delight in the cultures of our campus!

  • Learn to Play: Lacrosse - Registration CLOSED

    • Come learn how to play Canada's summer sport: Lacrosse! This is a movement-based event, come ready to participate! 

Thursday, November 16th:

  • Embracing Linguistic Diversity - Registration CLOSED

    • Language is intimately tied to your identity. Whether it be the phonology, the inventory of words, or the structure of sentences that you have, language is a communicator of who you are as a person. In this lecture, we will explore how there is no "right" way to be a language user. No variety of language is "broken": All varieties of language have systematic rules. Come find out how various languages work from a scientific perspective and experience how complex, dynamic, and intriguing the linguistic expression of self can be. 

  • International Sports Trivia - Registration CLOSED

    • This is a fun and social event to test your knowledge in a friendly competition on international sports! Refreshments will be served. 

Saturday, November 18th: 

  • Hart House Farm Trip: Culture and Wellness - POSTPONED until further notice

    • Please join us for a day in an outdoor restorative retreat at the Hart House Farm! Our Outdoor Wellness Retreat will be focusing on the connection between Culture and Wellness. This initiative is brought to you by: Hart House, The UTSG Centre for International Experience, and the UTM International Education Centre, along with the Well Being Collective @ Hart House for Indigenous, Black and Racialized students. Students will be exposed to the outdoors, connect with nature and spirituality through reflective meditations and non-Western cultural wellness activities, while building community. 

    • Specific itinerary details will be provided shortly. The bus will pick up students outside of Convocation Hall at 8:45 a.m. for those close to UTSG.

    • For those closer to UTM campus, the bus will pick up in front of the RAWC and drop students back on- campus at around 6:30 p.m. Registration is $10 and meals and snacks will be provided.