Computer Science

CSC318H5 The Design of Interactive Computational Media

User-centered design of interactive systems. Interdisciplinary design; the role of industrial design and the behavioural sciences. Interactive hardware and software; concepts from computer graphics. Classes of direct manipulation systems, extensible systems, rapid prototyping tools. Additional topics in interactive computational media. Students work on projects in interdisciplinary teams.

See past syllabus for more course information.

CSC490H5 Capstone Design Course

This course gives students experience solving a substantial problem that may span several areas of Computer Science. Students will define the scope of the problem, develop a solution plan, produce a working implementation, and present their work using written, oral and (if suitable) video reports.

See past syllabus for more course information.

CSC493H5 Computer Science Expository Work*

*can only be taken in second semester at UTM; admission based on cGPA & ability to find supervising professor

This course involves a significant literature search and expository work in any area of Computer Science. This work must be undertaken individually.

See past syllabus for more course information.