Information for Staff

Information for staff

Applications for Winter experiences are now open. Please apply here. Deadline to apply: Sunday, October 29, 2023, at 11:59 PM EST.


Under the UTM Abroad program, UTM staff with previous travel, administrative, and crisis management experience have the opportunity to travel as the safety support person for the UTM Abroad Academic Experiences and UTM Co-Curricular Experiences. If selected, the staff would travel with a group of students and a faculty member to help support and implement trip logistics, manage crises, mediate conflict, monitor safety and accessibility, support student development, and ensure that both the faculty and students have a memorable experience. 

Most UTM Abroad Experiences are developed independently by our office; therefore, the staff member will provide leadership on all logistics and safety responsibilities on the ground. Some programs are delivered in partnership with third-party organizations and may have program leaders who will facilitate the program in the country.

The cost of participation in the international experience and required training will be covered through the UTM Abroad program. This does not include personal travel insurance or overtime, which must be approved by the staff member's supervisor. While you will be working during the experience, you will not receive additional compensation beyond the costs of travel associated with the program. Staff will need approval from their department to participate.

"Participating in the UTM Abroad experience is without a doubt my favourite opportunity I've experienced so far at UTM. Professionally, it gave me the opportunity to connect with a diverse group of students I wouldn't have normally engaged with in my everyday work. Personally, I think there's something special about travelling across the world, eating, housing, learning, and sharing such a unique experience together. UTM Abroad gave me the privilege to develop authentic and real connections with students that will last for years to come."
– Jessica Charbonneau, Student Development Officer, Student Housing and Residence Life

What to Expect

  • A unique opportunity to connect with students, support their experience and learn together.
  • A jam-packed itinerary that includes local accommodation (e.g., guest houses, 3-star hotels, and homestays), transportation, meals etc.
  • An international professional development opportunity.
  • A grassroots way of traveling where the group will engage in hands-on activities each day and delve into the culture beyond your typical tourist experience.
  • An active travel experience that includes strenuous activities accessible to most healthy travelers. For example in the past, groups have hiked up a volcano in Guatemala and built a road in Thailand.
  • An experience you will never forget.

Staff Expectations

  • Staff must have previous crisis management, conflict mediation, accessibility and safety management, student development, and travel experience as applicable to the experience of their choice.
  • Staff will be required to travel and remain with the group at all times, including during the flights. No exceptions will be made.
  • Staff will be asked to participate in 3 pre-departure workshops, training sessions (as required), and post-trip assessment. Successful applicants will be made aware of all required dates well in advance.
  • Staff will be expected to take a leadership role and act as a role model for students while working collaboratively with the faculty member and/or the program leaders (where applicable).
  • Staff will act as the University of Toronto administrative and emergency response lead for the duration of the trip including administrative duties at the airport.
  • Staff will be expected to understand the University of Toronto's Safety Abroad requirements and international travel guidelines (additional training and support will be provided).
  • Staff will be expected to submit a written reflection to their supervisor highlighting the value of the experience in their professional development within one month of program completion.

2023-24 Opportunities


Academic Experiences:

  • ITA235 - Italy
  • MGT463 - Iceland
  • BIO326 - Ecuador


Academic Experiences:

Application Process

  • Interested staff should complete the application through the UTM Abroad Staff and Faculty Portal detailing the training and experiences that would make them a good fit for the program.
  • Who should apply:
    • Staff with crisis management in their regular responsibilities;
    • Staff that regularly implement programs that support the development of students at UTM;
    • Staff with extensive international travel experience - grassroots travel preferred.
  • Priority will be given to those with:
    • Crisis management training;
    • Demonstrated crisis response;
    • Have on-call responsibilities.
  • For additional information please contact us at  


"My participation in the staff support role [for UTM Abroad] was the best professional development I’ve experienced in many years. Spending 10 intense days with highly engaged students was fantastic... If you have the time and energy, have flexibility and support to be away from your normal routine, and want a unique experience learning both about and with students, the role of UTM Abroad staff support is truly worthwhile." – Mark Overton, Dean of Student Affairs

"The opportunity to be an IEC staff for 10 days was really empowering. It gave me a sense of the different types of work that each office brings and helped me build deeper connections with the staff at the IEC...this experience was remarkable, challenging, and different. I would not have changed it for the world and am, once again, grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a fantastic initiative that the IEC provides to the UTM community." – Bianca Anderson, Supervisor, Residence Education, Student Housing and Residence Life

"Learning skills such as working with different students and other stakeholders contributed to my professional development. It allowed me to improve my skills but also learn about my own strengths and weaknesses. I am certain these will be major assets for me as I continue my role as a Student Development Coordinator at the IEC." – Zarina Mamadbekova, Student Development Coordinator – International Programs, International Education Centre