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University is a wonderful time to explore one's own faith, spirituality and personal beliefs. Here at UTM, we respect everyone's right to worship, and aim to create a welcoming environment that fosters our students' growth, development and spiritual-wellbeing. 

You will find this website useful to find information about our Interfaith program at UTM, along with important resources, events and contacts.



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Faith Leaders Provide a Message of Hope

How Can Faith Play a Valuable Role in a Time of Crisis?

You can view the videos submitted by a few of our faith leaders, below.


Pastor Scott Plavnick






Sheikh Salim Yusufali


Pastor Jack Hu







Imam Mustafa Khattab







Pastor Raphael Chan







For all questions and feedback regarding Interfaith, please contact:

Sako Khederlarian
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Groups & Interfaith