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University is a wonderful time to explore one's own faith, spirituality, and personal beliefs. Here at UTM, we respect everyone's right to worship, and aim to create a welcoming environment that fosters our students' growth, development, and spiritual-wellbeing. 

You will find this website useful to find information about our Interfaith program at UTM, along with important resources, events, and contacts.

Know Your Rights

The University is committed to providing accommodations for all religious, spiritual, and faith-based groups.

You have the right to wear religious symbols & attire, event for exams 

  • Inform Professor that you require accommodation for confirming your identity during exams
  • A woman can verify your identity for you if you would like
  • You can request for more time during an exam for time lost if the verification process takes longer than expected

You have the right to organize faith gatherings

  • Students on campus have the right to organize prayers on campus, as long as it is not disturbing the academic function of the university or poses a safety issue
  • Campus Multi-Faith spaces are spread around campus which can be used by all faith and spirit based groups and students
  • Rooms can be reserved by recognized student groups through UTMSU (Student Centre) and the Centre for Student Engagement (academic spaces)

What can you do when faced with discrimination based on your faith?

  • Save evidence and document what happened during the incident
  • Accuracy and details are very important
  • FILE A REPORT: who, what, where, when, how
  • Inform Campus Police (905-569-4333 or or the Equity & Diversity Office (905-569-4916 or
  • Get Support! The Equity & Diversity Office ( can provide you with support as the experience can have an impact and be hurtful

You have the right to request religious accommodations

  • University is committed to providing accommodations for all religious, faith, and spirit based groups
  • You can work with your professor and department to arrange for an accommodation for tests or assignments  that coincide with religious holidays or observances
  • Religious accommodations for final exams can be submitted online through the Office of the Registrar once the exam schedule is posted. Click Here to Learn More!




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For all questions and feedback regarding Interfaith, please contact:

Sako Khederlarian
Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Organizations & Outreach