UTM Student Leadership Awards

University of Toronto Mississauga Student Leadership Awards

UTM Student Leadership Awards are NOW CLOSED

In connection with the University of Toronto Mississauga, the Centre for Student Engagement offers several awards for student leaders and student groups on campus. Let us celebrate your achievements!  

For this academic year, we are proud to announce there are up to 18 Student Leadership Awards, including 10 Individual Awards and 8 Student Group Awards. 

What Student Leadership Awards do we offer? 

The Student Leadership Awards recognize outstanding individuals and student groups that have demonstrated involvement in and/or contributed to key UTM values including Collaboration, Leadership Development, Global and Intercultural Engagement, Equity & Inclusion, Innovation, Advancing Justice for Indigenous Communities, Wellness, and Sustainability. 

There are two separate Student Leadership Award categories: Individual Student Leadership Awards and Student Group Awards.  

How to Apply?


Visit the Individual Student Leadership Awards website page for more information.
Visit the Student Group Awards website page for more information.

2023-2024 UTM Student Leadership Awards 

Submission Instructions

An award submissions package includes a Completed nomination form:  

  • Section A: Nominee Information, completed by the nominee 
  • Section B: Nominator Information, completed by the nominator 
  • Section C: Award Designation, completed by the nominee
  • Section D: Application Questions, completed by the nominee 
  • Section E: CGPA Section, completed by the nominee 
  • Section F: Evaluation of Nominee, completed by the nominator 

Please upload your nomination form with the appropriate naming conventions (LastName_Award_2024) 

How do we define Student Leadership? 

Throughout your time at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you may have been involved in activities outside of the classroom that have developed your skills, expanded your knowledge and contributed to the betterment of our UTM community. These experiences are examples of student leadership, and make you a student leader. 

Student leaders in Canadian higher education institutions are those who take an active role in institutional governance, service delivery, advocacy, community service work, and social change in one or more areas of the university, and whose practices and activities need to be consistent with the values of the university, with the primary aim of making significant contributions to the quality of the student experience, and supports their personal and professional development


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