UTM Student Leadership Awards

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In connection with the University of Toronto Mississauga, the Centre for Student Engagement offers several awards for student leaders and student groups on campus. Let us celebrate your achievements!  

For this academic year, we are proud to announce there are up to 16 Student Leadership Awards, including nine Individual Awards and seven Student Group Awards. 

2022-2023 UTM Student Leadership Awards Recipients

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 UTM Student Leadership Awards Recipients!

Principal's Award of Excellence in Student Leadership

  • Taylor Ball
Taylor Ball is in her second and final year of her Master’s Degree of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM). During her first year in the MScSM program, she honed her entrepreneurial skills by co-founding UTM’s first Sustainability Consulting Club. In her second year, she was elected as student council president, where she leads a team of six highly capable student leaders. Together, they’ve organized Q&A sessions about coursework, discussion panels about studying abroad, and charity fundraising socials. In this role, Taylor built the MScSM sustainability library to make resources on sustainability more accessible. Taylor is also proud of surveying her classmates about the financial costs of studying abroad and summarizing her findings so studying abroad is more accessible to future students. Lastly, in February, Taylor was one of 12 speakers at TEDxUofT. Her TEDx Talk shared her thesis research on the sustainability potential of digital fashion. She believes digital fashion can help solve our climate crisis. After graduating, she will join the womenswear brand, Aritzia, working in the Strategy & Operations department.
  • Leigh-Ann Grant
Leigh-Ann Grant is in her final year of her undergraduate studies in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology double majors. She has been a part of multiple impactful student groups throughout her time at UTM, including being a member of the Erindale College Special Response Team as a Staffing Corporal and Standard First Aider, the Black Youth Mentorship Program (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel) as a mentor, the UTM Scholars Committee & NuMonic dance team in marketing, Student Housing and Residence Life as a Biology Community Facilitator, Erindale Biology Society as a mentor, and a researcher in the UTM HEAL Lab. Leigh-Ann has made a positive impact on the UTM community through first aid, and promotion of healthy practices for mental and physical health. Leigh-Ann wishes to become a physician in the future, and hopes to make positive contributions to her community through cultural competency and serving underprivileged patients.
  • Mahnoor Khurram
Mahnoor Khurram is a third-year student pursuing a double major in Biology for Health Sciences and English. Throughout her time at UTM, she has been involved in a variety of initiatives, such as executive positions in the Erindale Biology Society, and the UTM Book Discovery Club. Mahnoor feels she contributes most to the community through her unique degrees of commitment, from giving presentations to young students as a Let’s Talk Science volunteer, to contributing to Community Engagement projects as a Work-Study student with the Experiential Education Unit. Today, Mahnoor gave her final presentation for her ROP, “Decolonizing Ecology”, a year-long journey that she hopes will spotlight the Indigenous foundations that deserve to be honored in our practice as educators and students. Outside of university, Mahnoor harbors a fascination with all things language, and is currently learning American Sign Language. In the near future, Mahnoor hopes to step into the world of healthcare as a driven Speech-Language Pathologist.
  • Harleen Kundan
Harleen Kundan is a fourth-year undergraduate student pursuing a combined specialist in History & Political Science and a minor in Sociology. Through her leadership, Harleen has contributed to enhancing the co-curricular experience of university students and leaving a positive impact on the UTM community. Most notably, in her commitment to leadership in the Historical Studies Society (HSS), over the past three years, initially as Marketing Director and currently, as President, Harleen has prioritized supporting and serving the interests of Historical Studies students by organizing a wide range of social and academic events. Additionally, Harleen has dedicated her time towards being a Facilitated Study Groups (FSG) leader at the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre (RGASC), a volunteer note-taker for Accessibility Services, and a mentor for numerous mentorship programs including, UTM Pre-Law Organization (UTMPLO), International Student Mentorship Program (ISMP), UTM Mental Health Student Association (MHSA), and Language Studies Academic Society (LSAS).
  • Gladys Lou
Gladys Lou is a 4th year student completing a double major in Art & Art History and Psychology, with a minor in Professional Writing & Communication. She aspires to be an artist and professional curator specializing in contemporary art and media. During her time at UTM, she has served as the president of the Department of Visual Studies Student Society, the vice-president of UTM Scribes, and has completed a work-study at the Blackwood Gallery. She has interned at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC with the Time-Based Media working group. Lou was awarded a Fulbright scholarship with a placement at the University of Washington, where she studied Digital Art and Experimental Media. At the very heart of her practice is the goal to create accessible art that examines the issues faced by those marginalized in society, uplifting voices of the racialized and LGBTQIA+ community living with mental illness.
  • René Lobo
Rene is currently in her final year of her undergraduate degree doing a double Major in Biology for Health Sciences and Psychology with a minor in Biomedical Communications. During her time at UTM sha has had the privilege of being able to work and volunteer with many different clubs and departments. From becoming a student mentor at Erindale Biology Society and Women in Science and Computing to becoming Co-President at UTM Global Brigades to working as a student representative for both the Biology Department and Student Recruitment and Admission Team to working as Team Lead at the Centre for Student Engagement. She is grateful for every opportunity that she has had during her time at UTM and looks forward to applying all of her leadership and professional experiences to her future career within the healthcare field
  • Mansi Narula
Mansi is a 4th-year student completing a double major in Psychology and Criminology, Law & Society alongside a minor in Sociology. In her time at UTM, she has held several positions with the Centre for Student Engagement such as a CCR Assistant, Leadership & Mentorship Assistant, and now leads the Grad Connect Mentorship Program. She has also held the role of a Residence Education Facilitator with the department of Student Housing & Residence Life where she supported the transition of over 100 first-year students to university education. She is the Vice President Internal of the UTM Women in Law Association, and President & Founder of Right to Play UTM, a student group in partnership with an international charitable organization which supports disadvantaged children in countries around the world. In the upcoming fall, Mansi will be pursuing her passion for law at the Toronto Metropolitan University Lincoln Alexander School of Law.
  • Vinnah Rahman
Vinnah is in her fourth and final year, doing a double major in biology for Health Sciences and Anthropology. For her, helping students to build connections and community at UTM has been a consistent theme throughout her undergraduate studies. Vinnah’s involvement in activities outside of the classroom has included roles with the UTM Anthropology Society, the Erindale Biology Society, the Centre for Student Engagement (CSE), Mending Minds Mental Health Club, and UTM Global Brigades. As the current President of UTMAS, she has coordinated many valuable academic and social events that allowed students to connect with their peers and network with professors and professionals, even when in-person events were not possible due to uniquely challenging times during the pandemic. She has also applied her creativity and communication skills to creating web and social media content through her work at the CSE. She plans on pursuing her Masters and Ph.D. in the field of Epidemiology and working in Public Health in the future.
  • Sidharth Sharma
Sidharth is a 4th year student pursuing a specialist in Biology at UTM. During his undergrad, Sidharth worked to improve the student experience at UTM in his positions as a CCR assistant and a Community Leadership Development Program Assistant with the Centre for Student Engagement. Furthermore, Sidharth has worked with Community Living Mississauga, a campus partner, for over 3 years in supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities participate in on-campus activities, learn skills and meaningfully improve their quality of life. This year Sidharth also worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel where he facilitated learning opportunities for children from various backgrounds and inspired them to pursue higher education by engaging with activities & resources on campus. Sidharth is currently working as a residence DON with Student Housing and Residence Life where he organizes activities to build a sense of community among students transitioning into university.
  • Fathema Shaikh
Fathema Shaikh is a fourth-year student completing a Biology Specialist program at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Throughout her time at UTM, Fathema took advantage of the plethora of opportunities presented to her, committing to both academic and extracurricular pursuits. As an athlete, Fathema played basketball at various levels, including on the Varsity and Tri-campus teams. Additionally, she had the opportunity to volunteer in different roles, serving as an FSG leader and a medical first responder with ECSpeRT. Fathema also worked as a Student Ambassador and Sport Ambassador, sharing her love for UTM with others and inspiring them to get involved. Through these experiences, Fathema has had the privilege of meeting many amazing and talented individuals, building valuable skills and relationships that she hopes to carry forward into her future professional opportunities. Her drive and passion for science have led her to consider pursuing a master's degree in Biotechnology, furthering her education and making a positive impact in the field.

Laura Krajewski Student Mentorship Award

  • Mansi Narula

UTM Emerging Student Leader Award

  • Silas Liening
Silas is an aspiring first year student studying Psychology here at UTM. Highlights from his student experience include mainly fish; Due to a stroke of luck Silas joined the Gerlai Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory in his first semester, which allowed him to learn extensively about conducting psychological research using zebrafish as a model organism. Zebrafish are important for translational research, meaning that obtained results can potentially be translated over to humans. Trying not to neglect his classes, Silas plans to focus on research and learning how to better conduct studies using zebrafish. Finally, Silas is also interested in the therapy and mentorship component of Psychology. He was recently voted to be the Mentorship Coordinator for PAUSE, the Psychological Association of Undergraduate Students at Erindale. If he inevitably gets bored of science, he plans to do therapy instead!
  • Sharifamo Odinamamadova
Sharifamo Odinamamadova is a first year Commerce: Finance Specialist and Economics Major student at the University of Toronto Mississauaga. Along with the University of Toronto Mississauga Emerging Student Leader Award: The UTM Emerging Student Leader Award she was also awarded with: 1. University of Toronto Mississauga Transition Titan Award: This award goes to current 1st-year Commerce or Management (Finance Specialist and Economics Major) student who has demonstrated through academic excellence, extracurricular activities and professional skills development, a successful transition to university 2. University of Toronto Mississauga Directors’ Circle Award: University of Toronto Mississauga recognizes undergraduate students for contributing to life at UTM, championing the Department of Management, and showing academic excellence. Each year, students complete over 30 hours of professional development to be granted the Directors' Circle designation. 3. Sigma Chi Leadership Award: To be awarded to 1 first-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto in excellent academic standing. Recipients will have demonstrated strong leadership based on her/his participation in extracurricular activities and professional development. Sharifamo aspires to become economic empowerment activist and social change ambassador to improve the economies of developing countries of the world, including her home country Tajikistan in the future!
  • Aditi Soin
Aditi Soin is a first year student hoping to join the Criminology, Law and Society program. Some highlights from her student experience include training to be a campus ambassador. This allowed her to share her personal story and experiences with prospective students and families, as well as assist others in realizing UTM is the right place for them. Aditi also was able to join a sorority at UofT called Alpha Gamma Delta. AGD challenges members to lead lives of significance that positively impact the community, inspire women, and impact the world. Lastly, frosh. Frosh gave Aditi a chance to bond with other
first years, make new friends and get comfortable with campus before her classes. On top of these three experiences, Aditi was regularly participating in the events held at UTM and contributed to the many charity fundraisers. These experiences have shaped her goals for future campus contributions as she would like to be a part of the student union and be more involved with the Pre-Law society, as well as the South Asian Association, in the future. With her end goal being law school to become a lawyer with an all women's law firm.

UTM Student Leadership Award in Equity and Inclusion

  • Trishanny Rhoden
Trish Rhoden is a 4th year student in her final year of study, double majoring in Criminology and Women & Gender Studies. As a Community Assistant with UTM's Student Housing & Residence Life, a work study student with UTM's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office, a student representative for UTM's Anti-Black Racism Operational Group, and a full-time student, Trish's final undergraduate year has been jampacked! She has successfully and gracefully navigated these challenges through the unwavering support of her friends, supervisors, and most importantly - her mother. Trish hopes to continue to positively impact student campus and residence life through her work in the field of student housing and student affairs. Lastly, having recently accepted an offer of admission, Trish anticipates starting the Master of Education in Social Justice Education program at OISE in Fall 2023.

UTM Student Leadership Award in Global and Intercultural Engagement

  • Yue Xu
Yue is a fourth-year international student, specializing in Marketing with an Economics Major. The UTM Student Leadership Award validates her prior efforts in advocating for UTM students to have access to global learning opportunities and actively engage in multicultural events. Yue enjoys her work involved in promoting multiple study abroad opportunities with the International Education Centre team to help students internationalize their degrees and enhance their personal development, experiential learning, and professional competitiveness. In her upcoming master's study at the University of Toronto, she will continue to devote herself to the area of student support and services and further develop as a student leader

UTM Student Leadership Award in Leadership Development

  • Vinnah Rahman

UTM Student Leadership Award in Sustainability

  • Taylor Ball

UTM Student Group Award in Collaboration

  • UTM Pre-Law Organization
The University of Toronto Pre-Law Organization is grateful to receive the UTM Student Group Collaboration Award. UTMPLO is a club organization led by UTM students who come from a variety of backgrounds and are passionate about the law. UTMPLO joined alliances with other organizations this year in order to help reach and achieve the greatest impact with their events. UTMPLO’s involvement in activities have positively impacted the UTM community in various ways. The club’s many collaborations were able to provide students with necessary resources and support to navigate through their academic and social goals. The UTMPLO team looks forward to continue to make an impact through the club’s collaboration efforts.

What Student Leadership Awards do we offer? 

The Student Leadership Awards recognize outstanding individuals and student groups that have demonstrated involvement in and/or contributed to key UTM values including Collaboration, Leadership Development, Global and Intercultural Engagement, Equity & Inclusion, Innovation, Advancing Justice for Indigenous Communities, Wellness, and Sustainability. 

There are two separate Student Leadership Award categories: Individual Student Leadership Awards and Student Group Awards.  

Visit the Individual Student Leadership Awards website page for more information.

Visit the Student Group Awards website page for more information.

How do we define Student Leadership? 

Throughout your time at the University of Toronto Mississauga, you may have been involved in activities outside of the classroom that have developed your skills, expanded your knowledge and contributed to the betterment of our UTM community. These experiences are examples of student leadership, and make you a student leader. 

Student leaders in Canadian higher education institutions are those who take an active role in institutional governance, service delivery, advocacy, community service work, and social change in one or more areas of the university, and whose practices and activities need to be consistent with the values of the university, with the primary aim of making significant contributions to the quality of the student experience, and supports their personal and professional development


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