Student Group Recognition

Student Group Recognition


"Being a part of student groups enriched my university experience. It helped me to connect to the university better as well as introduced me to various students from diverse fields! This encouraged me to take on an executive position in SASA and LGTxUTM. Holding these positions has fostered professional development and enhanced my communication, liaising, and team-building skills."

-Saisha Ahluwalia, Co-Founder, South Asian Student Association

Start a Group/Club

To learn more about STARTING A CLUB, visit the Student Group Resouces website for directions. You will need the following:


Renew a Group/Club (Re-Recognition Process)

To learn more about RENEWING A CLUB, visit the Student Group Resouces website for directions.


University of Toronto Mississauga student groups are encouraged to apply for recognition with the Centre for Student Engagement. Recognition brings with it many benefits and services, along with being an officially recognized student group with the university. 

Ulife Access





Benefits of being a UTM recognized student group:

  • Able to use the 'UTM' and 'University of Toronto' name in your group name
  • Campus room bookings
  • Campus table bookings
  • Apply for funding for your group and society initiatives
  • Receive catering discounts with the on-campus food services provider
  • Access to the CSE Library, which includes books, team building materials, button maker, and other items to help your group succeed
  • Showcase your group or society on the new Interactive Group Space through Acadiate

Ulife Support

Benefits of being a UTM recognized student group:

  • Access to the Student Group Resources website, which features all the information to lead a group of your peers, run events, and meet all the necessary deadlines for group recognition
  • Speak to our Student Groups Team for information around group recognition, campus services, conflict mediation, leadership sessions, election support, and anything else that will help your group succeed

Ulife Lead

Benefits of being a UTM recognized student group:

  • Participate in leadership workshops designed specifically for student group and society executives
  • Read about and submit an application for the various CSE Awards available to groups and societies
  • Apply to be recognized as a Ulife Group of the Month
  • Have your group and events recognized on the Co-Curricular Record to better showcase the competencies students will gain from participating in your events and initiatives



For all questions regarding Student Groups at UTM, please contact:

Student Groups Team