Table Booking

Table Bookings

Table booking requests within academic buildings is a benefit offered to SOP-recognized student groups at the University of Toronto, facilitated through the Centre for Student Engagement on behalf of the University.

Table Booking Guidelines

Prior to booking a table, review the table booking guidelines found below in full. All student organizations are expected to abide by the following guidelines:

  • The table must not be left unattended during your booking time(s);
  • No amplified sound is allowed, regardless of volume (including speakers, megaphones, bullhorns, and audio/visual sound);
  • No selling or distribution of products from external vendors (i.e. food, books, credit cards/banking, etc.);
  • No external vendors, corporations, companies, or any groups not affiliated with the University of Toronto Mississauga are permitted without the written approval of the University;
    • If a student organization chooses to invite or collaborate with a third party not associated with the University to table on their behalf, a member from the student organization must be present at all times the table is booked.
    • The student organization is responsible for the third party and if the third party violates any of the tabling guidelines or conditions, the student organization will receive a warning and authorization for promotional tables may be withdrawn;
  • Please note: Groups are not permitted to receive any financial benefits from tabling activities (exceptions may include: funds collected for events where tickets are sold or funds collected for a charity event).
    • Please connect with the Centre for Student Engagement to ensure that you are collecting money for appropriate and permitted reasons. 
  • Vending or distribution of food and drinks, including baked goods, is not allowed;
  • No displays, materials, or activities can interfere with pedestrian passage or the normal activities of the University;
  • Users are responsible for removing all materials from their table at the conclusion of their booking, and must ensure the table is wiped-down and clean once the event is complete;
  • Users may not move tables from their designated areas of set up;
  • No aggressive marketing is permitted, including inundating students and community members as they walk down the hallway;

Table Booking Cancellations

Failure to utilize your booking penalizes other groups who could have used these limited spaces instead. If you need to cancel your booking, please review the confirmation email as you can cancel directly within that page. You may also contact Conference Services at

Table Booking Confirmation Email

The table permit confirmation email must be readily available at the table.  You will receive this confirmation email once your booking has been finalized. You cannot table without confirmation of a booking.

Statement on Table and Space Booking Freedom of Expression

We believe that excellence flourishes in a culture of equity, inclusion, and diversity of perspectives. The free flow of a multiplicity of diverse ideas is one of the hallmarks of the University of Toronto and it has led to discovery, understanding, and advances in the human condition. The University of Toronto Mississauga is committed to providing all SOP-approved organizations with the opportunity to use Table and Space Bookings as an effective communications tool. The exercise of free expression by any party seeking Table and Space Bookings approval, must comply with applicable laws, and the University of Toronto Policy on Freedom of Speech. Expressive materials, such as images, written materials, video content, slogans, or any speech that may be perceived as graphic or potentially offensive, must not silence, intimidate, or stigmatize individuals or groups. Additionally, expressive content must be distributed and/or displayed in a manner in which members of the University community choose to actively engage with materials, and are not subject to unsolicited dissemination.

Expressive content for SOP-approved organization display or distribution is limited to approved Table and Space Bookings only. Expressive content is limited to within five (5) feet of the approved space or table bookings (unless otherwise stated), this includes the use of any digital or hard surface (e.g. whiteboard) displays. Any additional supplemental display (e.g. exterior walkway chalk, large building banners, etc.) must receive expressed written approval from the Centre for Student Engagement at least three (3) days in advance.

Please review the following links for more information regarding current policies and procedures that apply to student organizations at the University of Toronto Mississauga:

Statement on Freedom of Speech

Policy on the Recognition of Campus Groups


How to Submit Table Booking Requests

To gain access to the table booking system, you must:

  1. Be a SOP-recognized group
  2. Read through the Table Booking Guidelines outlined below
  3. Abide by the instructions outlined above
  4. Have your Primary or Secondary contacts on SOP submit a table booking request through the UTM Service Portal

Click here to submit a table booking request

RAWC Facilities Bookings

For small gatherings and student group events, please submit your information through the RAWC space booking request form to book the space. 

Click here to learn more about RAWC booking and to book a space