Staff & Faculty Support

The CCR Team is here to support all staff and faculty with their CCR recognized opportunities on the CCR as well as to help with the application process of having new activities/opportunities recognized.

What are the requirements for CCR?

For an opportunity to be eligible for CCR recognition, it must offer students the following:

  • Skill Development - see our CCR Skills Framework for the list of skills recognized on the CCR
  • Reflection - participants of the program/event/opportunity need to reflect on the experience and its impact on their growth and development. This can be done in a myriad of ways (regularly throughout the experience, a final reflection meeting, an exit interview, an online survey)
  • Training - the participant of a program/opportunity receives training that sets them up for success in the role. This is not always a requirement as it depends on the opportunity

Please get in touch with our CCR team to discuss your opportunity as CCR requirements can differ depending on the event/program.

Recognition Process

If you have any questions or inquiries, please reach out to

Submit an Application: To access the application, log on to the CCR, click Co-Curricular Record, Manage Co-Curricular Record,' click the blue button/widget in the bottom right corner and click 'Add Activity & Position. This will then launch the application and you will be prompted to complete a series of questions. You can find the full list of application questions here. Please refer to this checklist before submitting your application.

Review & Edits: The CCR Team will review your application and inform you of any necessary edits/revisions that are required. Once the edits have been made, the CCR Team will then be able to approve the application and the opportunity will become available on the CCR.

Promotion: Once your opportunity has been approved, you can add a CCR approved icon (available on the CCR) to opportunities that are approved and in the database to help promote your activity!

Validation: The CCR Team will assign you and/or other relevant staff (as per your guidance) as validators of the opportunity. Validators are responsible for tracking who successfully completes the CCR expectations and for recognizing/validating these students on the CCR. 

Feb. 15Last day to validate student participation for FALL opportunities.
June 15Last day to validate for FALL/WINTER opportunities.
Oct. 15Last day to validate for SUMMER opportunities. 

Resources & Inquiries

The CCR Team is here to help you with all CCR related questions and tasks whether you are considering applying for CCR or already have a CCR opportunity. A wealth of resources is also available to staff and faculty on the CCR by logging in and click 'Manage Co-Curricular Record' and 'Welcome Staff & Faculty'. To get in touch, find the Inquiries section below.


Laura Walkling 
Student Engagement Coordinator, Leadership, Mentorship & the Co-Curricular Record