What is the Student Organization Portal (SOP)?

The Student Organization Portal (SOP) is the new replacement for ULife and SOP campus group recognition allows for student groups to be recognized by the University administration, which affords them the following benefits and supports from the University, provided through the Centre for Student Engagement.


At the University of Toronto Mississauga, SOP recognition provides student organizations with many benefits, including the following:

  • Right to use the University's name in conjunction with student organization activities (including adding 'UTM' to your club name)
  • Ability to use campus facilities, such as campus rooms or tables, at a reduced cost or without cost
  • Listings in the directories provided to the university community as a SOP recognized student organization
  • Access to the Centre for Student Engagement's Student Organizations Library, where team building activities, leadership books, and other resources can be borrowed
  • Access to Lead with OrgLife leadership training, where student leaders will be trained on the SOP, leadership, team leadership, event planning and more
  • Opportunities to apply for student group awards or funding to support and recognize the outstanding initiatives hosted by student groups
  • Support and guidance from the Centre for Student Engagement, especially in the SOP recognition process, constitution creation and updates, election support, and facilitating successful initiatives and events

Who is eligible for SOP recognition?

Campus Groups, Student Societies, Athletic Groups, Course/Program Union, Hart House Groups, and Other Groups are all eligible for SOP recognition.

Who can be a part of the student organization?

Students, Alumni, and Staff can all join student organizations. However, there is a limitation on the number of non-UTM students who can be on an executive team (as detailed in our policies).