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SEE@UTM: Support , Engage, Experience at the University of Toronto Mississauga

Support, Engage & Experience at the University of Toronto Mississauga


SEE UTM is a collaboration between the University of Toronto, Mississauga, and the Peel District School Board aimed at making post-secondary education more accessible to high school students. This program will focus on students who come from underrepresented communities at the University of Toronto Mississauga and other post-secondary institutions. The aim of SEE UTM is to encourage program participants to view post-secondary education as a possibility through engagement with classes, experiential learning, and campus life at UTM. Learn more about the program here!

We are looking for Co-op Supervisors for High School Students! All faculty supervisors, administrative staff, and departments welcome! To apply fill out this form here: SEE@UTM Recruitment Form

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What happens if I work from home?

Although we strongly encourage an in-person work environment for the students, sometimes this is not ideal for our supervisors. In this case, students are free to work asynchronously or, they can be paired with other collogues and team members working in-person.

How will students be selected?

At the end of the Job Fair, students will list three potential placements which will be reported back to you the students PDSB teacher, Monique James. You will then conduct interviews with potential candidates to find the best student for your role!

Are students trained prior to coming in?

The SEE@UTM students have taken classes on the best workplace practices and how to engage their unique skills to further their professional development. The PDSB instructor will further pre-brief you on all other student expectations.

How do we report student progress?

The PDSB instructor will be in-touch with evaluations throughout the students’ placements.

What kinds of roles will students take on?

The decision is entirely up to you! This is an experiential opportunity, we urge you to give students roles that can strengthen their skills, encourage learning and personal growth. 

Who are we targeting?

We welcome anyone from any department, supervisors, staff member, faculty and administrators who want to work with these students in enriching their learning experiences.

How many students do you need to place?

We are requesting seventeen placements for the students.

PSE Readiness Workshops

Students will attend bi-weekly post-secondary workshops that will feature a broad range of relevant and engaging topics facilitated by SEE UTM Mentors

Workshop #1 – The Story of You 

  • Deciding on a post-secondary program and career path can be daunting but getting to know yourself and your unique skills and strengths can make it easier to make decisions about your future. This workshop features activities designed to dig deeper into your personal identity and features a presentation from the UTM Career Center to help you relate your skills, strengths, interests, and life experiences to post-secondary programs and career options that are right for you! 

Workshop #2 – Let's Talk Finance! 

  • It’s true – post-secondary education is expensive. However, there are many options available to you to help fund your post-secondary endeavors. In this workshop, you will explore these options and create a personal financial plan to help you decide how you will pay for your post-secondary education and still enjoy your university experience (you can’t live on ramen forever!).   

Workshop #3 – Faculty, Student, and Alumni Panel 

  • Post-secondary is a great opportunity to make connections with other students, your professors, and other teaching staff. There is value in the knowledge and guidance they can provide, which is why this workshop is all about making connections! You will hear from professors, current undergraduate and graduate students, and UTM alumni and have the opportunity to ask all your burning questions. 

Workshop #4 – Self-Care & Mental Health Resources 

  • Academics are important, but at the end of the day, you are so much more than a student. That is why it’s so important to take care of your mental well-being and treat yourself with kindness and compassion. This workshop will review the mental health resources available to you on campus and in the community, as well as give you the opportunity to practice self-care and coping techniques. Create a personalized wellness plan and learn the importance of maintaining your mental health and well-being.  

Workshop #5- Celebrating Your Blackness 

  • This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore and celebrate your Black identity in a safe and supportive space. Engage in meaningful conversations with Black UTM students, staff, and faculty as you share and reflect on your personal experiences navigating the academic world and beyond.  

Events Calendar



 UTM Orientation TBD 
 SEE@UTM Kick Off  September 3, 2024 
 SEE@UTM Workshops Every Monday
 Campus Experience Sessions Every Friday
 SEE@UTM Job Fair October 21, 2024
 Co-Op Placements  December 5, 2024 - January 31 2025
 Winter Break (No Programming)  December 24, 2024 - January 3, 2025 

Participant Testimonials 


Co-Op Supervisor Testimonials: 

“We thoroughly enjoyed having the students join us, some of our team members have personally experienced the value of having participated in a co-op experience during our own education and hoped that we were able to pay forward the value of the experience to our co-op students.”  - Co-Op Supervisor, 2024 

"The work that my student completed was high quality and is currently being used by my department as part of our communications strategy. My student made real contributions that are much appreciated."  - Co-Op Supervisor, 2024 


Mentor Testimonials: 

“I never thought mentoring high school students would be in the cards for me [as a] second year [student]… But this experience has shown me that mentoring isn’t solely what you as a mentor can bring to the table, it’s also about what you can learn from your mentees.” - SEE@UTM Student Mentor, 2024 

“I loved the connection you have with mentees. It’s nice to see visible change you can give a person and help to give them insight that you would have benefited from in their shoes.” - SEE@UTM Student Mentor, 2024 

Student Testimonials: 

"The co-op was fun and helpful in so many ways in the classroom I learned a lot of new things." - High School Student Participant, 2024

I loved being in spaces where I felt [like] I belonged…It also gave me a chance to see who I am and why I was accepted into this program.” - High School Student Participant, 2024


For all questions and feedback regarding SEE UTM Mentorship Program, please contact:

Smyrna Wright
Community Engagement Coordinator: Access & Inclusion Programs
  • Email: