Strong Academy UTM


2 young Black boys smiling.

Program Overview

The 100 Strong Foundation ('100 Strong') was created by a group of professional black men as a way to come together and address issues in their own community and, in particular, those affecting young black men ages 11-14 years old. 100 Strong aims to shift the Black community's current paradigm towards self-empowerment and success, with the ultimate aim of uniting young boys with supportive mentors. In collaboration with the University of Toronto and the Centre for Student Engagement, the 100 Strong Academy  UTM fosters an environment of learning and community to inspire excellence in every boy and support their journey towards self-empowerment, professional development, and the pursuit of “Excellence without Excuses.”

The 100 Strong Academy UTM is a summer program held at the UTM campus for 25-50 young Black males across Peel and Halton Regions. The University of Toronto's St. George and Scarborough campuses will each have a cohort and run the 100 Strong Academy program simultaneously, offering the program to a total of 100 Black males across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Areas. The 100 Strong Academy UTM program runs from July 2nd, 2024 to July 26th, 2024 and features: 

  • Experiential Learning Activities to support young Black males' social-emotional skills with tools and growth mindset strategies needed to constructively navigate adolescence, successfully transition to adulthood and realize their full potential;
  • Purposeful Connections with faculty, staff and students who provide insights into their unique experiences navigating the post-secondary education system and serving as mentors and champions of Black Excellence in their academic, professional and personal lives within and outside of UTM; and
  • Dynamic Workshops that explore various themes, including STEM, Financial Literacy, Business and Entrepreneurship, Arts and Culture, Civic Awareness, Career Exploration, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Health and Wellness, etc., with UTM department's student groups. 


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For inquiries and questions regarding the 100 Strong Academy Summer Youth Mentorship Program UTM, please contact:

Cameron Walker

Supervisor, Community Mentorship