New Student Organizations

New Student Organizations

New Student Organizations are organizations that have not received CCR validation previously or who have not renewed their CCR status recently. If you had CCR accreditation last year, click here to find information about renewal. 

All student lead organizations must be recognized by the Student Organization Portal (SOP) before applying for CCR recognition. Learn more about SOP here.

Timeline of getting CCR approved

September to November Attend a CCR Training session. One or two members of your group must attend.
September -October  Meet with your validator to share your group's goals for the year. Complete the Group Goal Setting Exercise and submit to your validator. This is an annual CCR requirement.
December 1st, 2023 Deadline to find a validator.
December 22nd, 2023 Deadline to submit your CCR application.
January The CCR Team will review your applications and contact your student group to complete the editing process.
February Meet with your validator to provide an update on how your student group is progressing.
March to April Meet with your validator one last time to reflect on the year and to submit all required documentation for CCR validation: one Validation Checklist for the group, and an Individual Tracking Sheet for each member.
April to June Your validator will validate all those who completed the CCR expectations.

Roadmap of the CCR Validation Journey

Reminder: Your organization must be SOP recognized before beginning the process of CCR accreditation.  

1. Attend a CCR Training Workshop  

To get Student Leader positions on the CCR, you must attend a CCR training workshop. The CCR training session for Student Groups commences the process of getting your student group added to the CCR. One to two members of your organization must attend a CCR training session.   

Why are training sessions mandatory?  


  • Educate you on the process of adding your organization to the CCR  
  • Provide guidance on how to obtain a UofT staff/faculty validator  
  • Inform of the member requirements that are to be completed for positions to receive validation   

2. Find a Validator   

A validator is a U of T staff or faculty member who will help facilitate your learning process and ensure all students in your group fulfill their positions in order to be recognized on the CCR.  

The deadline to find a validator is December 1st, 2023. Finding a validator early allows you more time to work on your CCR application. Refer to the Important Documents page for resources that can provide some guidance. If you struggle with finding a validator, email the CCR Team for support.  

3. Complete Your CCR Application  

A CCR application is a document that explains what a student organization is and the positions held within it. Student organizations can begin the process of submission as soon as a validator is found. The deadline to submit your CCR application on Folio is December 22nd, 2023. Email to receive a password for access to the CCR submission page, once you have attended a CCR training workshop and found a validator.  

A guide to submit your Executive Positions  can be found here. You must include every executive position currently filled within your Student Organization in your Position Application Form. If there is more thatn one person per position, only include it once within the form. (e.g. even if there are two students who are the President, only include in once within your Position Application Form.) 

4. Edits  

The CCR Team reviews all applications. Edits may be required before an application is approved. A member from the CCR Team will work with your group to support the editing process (i.e. provide the group with edits needed and offer support with the revisions). Once all edits have been made and the submission meets CCR criteria, the application will be approved.  

5. Get Validated  

In order to get validated, you must submit a series of documents to your validator. These documents can be found on the Important Documents page. These documents must be submitted to your validator on an annual basis.  

6. Renew Your CCR Status  

If you choose to get CCR reognition next year, you will be considered a Renewal Student Organization. You can learn more about the Renewal Process for Student Organizations here.


For additional support, all questions and feedback regarding the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), please contact the CCR Team by reaching out to:

Randy Ali
Special Projects Coordinator