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Program Overview  

The STEAM Days at UTM, also known as "STEAM Days," is a series of interactive events organized by the Centre for Student Engagement. These events are specifically designed for students in grades 3 through 12 in the Peel Region community. Our in-person events offer engaging activities and hands-on experiences that promote learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics alongside campus partners and UTM student associations. Students participating in this opportunity will be able to build leadership and interpersonal skills while engaging youth in an experiential learning environment. 

What is a STEAM Facilitator? 

This program is approved on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) 

Our UTM Student volunteers, who participate in the program as dedicated STEAM facilitators will develop a range of interactive content related to STEAM that is specifically tailored for youth audiences for Steam Day Events. Through engaging activities, participants are provided with valuable opportunities to enhance their comprehension and practical application of Steam concepts in everyday life. These activities include experiments, and active engagement with faculty and students.   

Participating UTM student volunteers will be able to develop and build the following competencies: 

  • Community and Civic Engagement

  • Technological Aptitude

  • Leadership

  • Investigation and Synthesis

  • Knowledge Creation and Innovation


Volunteers must:  

  • Submit a Volunteer Inquiry Form. 

  • Attend a virtual program info session 

  • Complete all required program-specific training in (Early October).  

  • Meet with volunteer/project team one to three hours per week to discuss and design Steam Workshop(s) breaks for reading week and exams are accommodated). 

  • Complete and all reflection documents 

  • Contribute to our large-scale in-person STEAM Event  

CSE student volunteers

“My favourite aspect of contributing to STEAM days was acting as a STEAM leader for our in-person events. It was extremely fulfilling to act in a leadership role and answer any questions the students may have had. My favourite memory was seeing my group so engaged and actively participating in the workshop activities. In particular, they seemed to enjoy a DNA extraction workshop, and I hope that our workshops inspired them to pursue STEM.”

– CLDP Volunteer 2021-22  

students creating fresh water

 “I learned cool things like making dirty water clean and learned that science can be super fun. I can’t wait to learn more!!”

- 2022 Community Participant 


For inquiries and questions regarding the STEAM Days, please contact:

Naomi Baptiste

Community Youth Programmer