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UTM has numerous support services to offer students. Whether you are looking for academic support, parking and transit assistance, health counselling, or more - UTM has got it! Use the quick links below to find contact information of the departments listed. To get in contact with with UTM Student Services please reach out to or call (905)-828-3872. 

Office of the Registrar (OR)

The Office of the Registrar proudly supports undergraduate students in matters related to their enrolment, registration, academic and degree planning, finances, scholarships & awards, final exams, and more. Our team of specialists are available for one-on-one support to discuss academic progress, finances, clarify policies, and provide relevant referrals to campus resources. Our office also serves graduate students in matters related to their Ontario government student loan. 

The Office of the Registrar offers virtual, phone, and in-person support. Visit their Connect With Us website for hours of operation.

Location: Kaneff [KN] Building

Contact Information:

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides services and academic accommodations to students who have a documented disability or medical condition; provide students with a network of resources to succeed where they can navigate their disability and related barriers; and provide various academic and social opportunities.

Students who have a documented learning, physical, sensory, mental health disability, or medical condition can receive services and academic accommodations with Accessibility Services. 

Location: 2037B, William G. Davis [DV] Building

Contact Information:

Information & Instructional Technological Services (I&ITS)

The Information & Instructional Technological Services (I&ITS) department assists students, faculty, and staff with various IT needs. Support includes UTORid assistance, device set up, TCard services, and so much more!

To view I&ITS' full list of services, visit their website.

Location: [CCT] atrium

Contact Information:

Conference & Event Services (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

Are you a UTM Student Organization Portal (SOP) - recognized student group that needs to book a meeting space for a table to promote your upcoming event? Visit the Student Group Resources website to learn how to go about booking what you need. 

If you are going to be booking a space for an event, make sure you check ORBs to ensure the space is available prior to your request

Contact Information:

Parking & Transportation Services (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

There are several options for parking on campus from lots to permit types. If you are looking for a sessional or annual permit, you will need to purchase online. If you are interested in daily parking, you can simply purchase your permit at the Pay & Display machines in lots across campus. Visit our website for all of our other services!

Location: Room 108, Alumni House [C2]

Contact Information:

Shuttle Bus | Parking & Transportation Services (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

The Shuttle Bus operates regularly between the UTM and St. George Campuses and on a limited basis between UTM and Sheridan College’s Trafalgar Campus for UTM’s joint programs with Sheridan.

Shuttle service is fare-free for currently registered UTM students with an active TCard; all other passengers are required to pay a fare. One-way tickets are available for purchase from the ticket vending machine at UTM outside of the Instructional Centre, the UTM Service Desk in the CCT and the UTM Student Centre. Semester passes are also available for purchase from the UTM Service Desk in the CCT.   

For the most up-to-date service schedule, visit the Shuttle Bus website regularly.

Location: Room 108, Alumni House [C2]

Contact Information:

Student Housing & Residence Life (SHRL)

UTM Residence is home to a diverse range of housing styles for students. SHRL are proud to provide a highly supportive, inclusive and enriching living environment for students and their families to meet lifelong friends, succeed academically, and get involved in a supportive global community.

Location: Room 120, Oscar Peterson Hall

Contact Information:

Meal Plans (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

UTM offers a variety of meal plan options to suit your needs. The best part? You SAVE MONEY with each meal plan type! Whether you’re living in residence or living off-campus, there are options for you. Simply select a meal plan, tap your TCard, and save. Visit our website to learn more and sign up today.

Location: Suite 3127, William G. Davis [DV] Building

Contact Information:

UTM Bookstore

Purchase your textbooks, U of T branded merchandise, technology solutions,
and convenience items at the UTM Bookstore. You can also receive student phone plans and software discounts.

The UTM Bookstore is operated by the University of Toronto Press and is not managed by UTM. Should you have any questions, please contact their main line at (905) 828-5272 or visit the UofT Bookstore websiteHours of operations are also available.

Location: Floor 1, William G. Davis [DV] Building

Contact Information:

The Print Shop (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

We are the on-campus print provider at UTM! The Print Shop at UTM is available for all of your school-related and personal needs. If you would like to have a consultation prior to using our services we would love to connect and discuss what you are looking for so you can feel as comfortable ordering, as we do printing. We offer a vast array of print services as well as some graphic design. 

Location: Suite 1132, down the hall from the Bookstore, William G. Davis [DV] Building

Contact Information:

Health & Counselling Centre (HCC)

The Health & Counselling Centre’s team of health professionals offers medical services similar to that of your family doctor’s office. The HCC team utilizes a stepped care approach to mental health by providing a diverse range of personalized care options that includes self-help resources through short-term, solution-focused counselling and medical services. The HCC team can also provide you referrals to access community resources when complex and/or long-term care is needed. All insured services are confidential and free for students. 

For the most up-to-date information about operating hours and service, visit the HCC's website regularly.

Location: 1123A, William G. Davis [DV] Building

Contact Information:

UTM Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre's program philosophy is inclusive, bias-free and based on the concept of learning through play and modeling. We recognize that children learn through active involvement.

Location: Leacock Lane Residence [C4]

Contact Information:

Mail Services (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

UTM has a Mail Services team that will help you get the mail you need! The first order of business: make sure you’re using the correct address. Whether it’s mail from home or some supplies from online, make sure you’re visiting our website to ensure you have the correct information, in the correct order.  

Location: Suite 1132, down the hall from the Bookstore, William G. Davis Building 

Contact Information: 

  • Website: 
  • Email: 
  • Phone: (905) 569-5791

Food on Campus (Hospitality & Ancillary Services)

We have a variety of food options on campus from brands you’ll recognize to brands unique to our community. Our culinary teams work with the student body to understand what you want, and reflect that in our offerings. We also have a number of unique vending options across campus! Visit our website to see what brands we have, their hours of operation, and to learn more about our vending options! 

Contact Information: 


For additional support as well as all questions and feedback regarding the Student Guide, please email the Centre for Student Engagement at

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