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Internship Positions (for-credit)

Applications for LAUNCH open on February 6th and closes on February 25th at 11:59 pm, 2019!

Fall 2019

  • LAUNCH Leader: Science, Math & Computational Science (Job ID 137316)
  • LAUNCH Leader: Social Sciences and Humanities (Job ID 137321)
  • LAUNCH Leader: Business, Management & Commerce (Job ID 137313)


Click here for more information about the LAUNCH Leader role and hiring process!

Application Period: Now Closed

Please visit the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx) for our hiring opportunities.

The Centre for Student Engagement hires over 80 students every year in many exciting positions available for the Summer and Fall/Winter academic year 2019/2020.  

We support the growth and development of upper-year students in the form of paid employment, internship opportunities, and volunteer positions. Applying for a position within Centre for Student Engagement is a fantastic way to get involved on campus and enhance your student experience! 

We're looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and innovative student leaders who are interested in helping UTM students be more engaged on campus. Check out our available opportunities below.

Have a question? Click here for Hiring inquiries.

Paid Positions (Work-Study)

Applicants must apply through the Career & Co-Curricular Learning Network (CLNx). Application material includes Resume, Co-Curricular Record, and Written Application portion found on job posting page on the CLNx.

Application Period: Now Closed

Summer 2019 & Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Team Leads are responsible for managing a team of assistants that deliver co-curricular programs at the UTM campus.  This position requires a student with strong communication skills, team building skills and strong understanding of co-curricular programs at the university.  Job ID: 135160


Fall/Winter 2019-2020

Communication jobs with the Centre for Student Engagement include a number of different roles, including outreach with student organizations, promotion of internal events, designing visual and video material for CSE programs and events across a number of different platforms. Staff are required to be available for weekly team meetings, develop campus-wide outreach campaigns, and have strong communication skills. Ideal candidates will have creative and innovative ideas, which will enhance the promotion of our programs, activities, and overall brand. Job ID: 135176

Community Engagement positions work collaboratively with local groups and organizations to develop impactful programs and events that improve the well-being of community members and create meaningful solutions to social issues. Working with community stakeholders, students, staff and faculty, you will support and encourage people and groups to co-create projects, programs and events that improve access to post-secondary education, enhance community wellbeing and operations, and strengthen program development and implementation. Job ID: 135177

Mentorship jobs with the Centre for Student Engagement run our Peer Facilitated Group Mentorship offerings. Mentors work alone or in pairs to facilitate, co-facilitate their assigned programs. They are expected to participate in weekly team meetings, recruitment and outreach activities. Mentors must have strong communication and facilitation skills. Job ID: 135169

Program Development jobs with the Centre for Student Engagement assist in the creation, organization and/or implementation of large-scale on-campus events and/or associated projects from start to finish. Some examples could include transition initiatives such as orientation programming and/or academic initiatives such as Exam Jam. They are expected to participate in weekly team meetings, recruitment, and outreach activities. Program Development hires must have excellent attention to detail, organization, and project-management skills. Job ID: 135171

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Volunteer Positions 

OPEN: Interested in volunteering with the Centre for Student Engagement? Visit our Volunteer With Us! page here to learn more.

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For all questions and feedback regarding Hiring Opportunities, please contact us at:

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