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Please visit the Career Learning Network for our hiring opportunities.

The Centre for Student Engagement has many exciting positions available for the Summer and Fall/Winter academic year 2018/2019.  

We support the growth and development of upper-year students in the form of paid employment, internship opportunities, and volunteer positions. Applying for a position within Centre for Student Engagement is a fantastic way to get involved on campus and enhance your student experience! 

We're looking for enthusiastic, passionate, and innovative student leaders who are interested in helping UTM students be more engaged on campus. Check out our available opportunities below.

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Paid Positions

Applicants must apply through the Career Learning Network (CLN). Application material includes Resume, Co-Curricular Record, and Written Application portion found on job posting page on the CLN.


Fall/Winter 2018-2019

Indigenous Access Assistant (CLN ID 126253) *Open, 2 positions available*

  • The Indigenous Access Assistant will work with a team to develop programming in partnership with community organizations to support indigenous communities. 
  • Preference will be given to Indigenous Peoples of North America or Peoples of Turtle Island, including those who identify as First Nations (status, non-status, treaty or non-treaty), Metis, Inuit, Alaskan Native, Native American, and Native Hawaiian Peoples.

Communications Assistant (CLN ID 124837) *Open, 3 positions available*

  • Communications Assistants work with a team to develop content for the CSE website and social media platforms. They participate in weekly team meetings, recruitment and outreach activities, develop resources to support the use of the CSE brand, and develop marketing and social media strategies.
  • Communications Assistants must have strong communication skills.

Peer Leadership Coach (CLN ID 124834) *Open, 1 position available*

  • Peer Leadership Coaches PLC) work with a team to deliver the utmLEAD program. PLCs work in pairs to facilitate, co-facilitate or participate in their assigned utmLEAD sessions. PLCs participate in weekly team meetings, recruitment and outreach activities, develop resources to support the leadership development of individuals and organizations on campus, and develop a marketing and social media strategy to promote the program.
  • PLCs must have strong communication and facilitation skills.

Community Engagement Activity Assistant (CLN ID 126762) *Open, 1 position available*

  • Community Engagement Activity Assistants (CEAA) coordinate long-term or short-term community engagement experiences for UTM students to support various organizations in the Region of Peel. The CEAA works with the Community Engagement Team, the Community Engagement Coordinator and with community partners to plan and promote community experiences for students.

Access Team Leader (CLN ID 127223) *Open, 1 position available*

  • The Access Team Leader (ATL) supports initiatives and projects associated with the access and outreach programs including curriculum development, assessment and event planning. The ATL will lead a team of student staff and volunteers who will deliver access and outreach programming.

UTM Bridging Program Mentor (CLN ID 127272) *Open, 2 positions available*

  • Through emails, in-person workshops, and one-to-ones, Bridging Mentors assist students enrolled in the Bridging Program through their transition to UTM. Successful graduates of the UTM Bridging Program are preferred for this position.


Summer 2018 & Fall/Winter 2018-2019

  • Student Engagement Program Assistant, Civic & Community Engagement (CLN ID 111744)
  • Student Engagement Program Assistant, Communications (CLN ID 112002)
  • Student Engagement Program Assistant, Student Organizations & CCR (CLN ID 111999)
  • Student Engagement Program Assistant, Leadership & Learning (CLN ID 111997)
  • Program Assistant, Academic Initiatives (CLN ID 111555)

Fall/Winter 2018-2019

  • Teaching Assistant: utmONE courses (CUPE posting)
  • Community Engagement Activity Assistant (CLN ID 111741)
  • Communications Assistant (CLN ID 112013)
  • Peer Leadership Coach (CLN ID 112008)
  • Co-Curricular Activity Assistant (CLN ID 112006)
  • Student Organizations Activity Assistant (CLN ID 112003)
  • Program Assistant, Transition Programs (CLN ID 111540)
  • Orientation & Outreach Team Leader (CLN ID 111533)
  • Research Assistant (CLN ID 111792)
  • Program Assistant, Special Projects
  • Academic Coaching Mentor

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Internship Positions (for-credit)


Fall 2018

  • LAUNCH Leader: Science, Math & Computational Science (CLN ID 122934)
  • LAUNCH Leader: Social Sciences and Humanities (CLN ID 111547)
  • LAUNCH Leader: Business, Management & Commerce (CLN ID 111542)

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Volunteer Positions 


Fall/Winter 2018-2019

  • Orientation and Outreach Ambassador (CLN ID 111556)

Interested in volunteering with the Centre for Student Engagement? Visit our Volunteer With Us! page here to learn more.

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