Social Innovation Project

Social Innovation Project. Banner depicting two students collaborating on a project.

Develop your skills, create innovative real-life projects and positively impact your community!

What is a Social Innovation Project?

Local not-for-profit organizations are often faced with multiple resource challenges and competing needs that they need to prioritize. Functional needs come first, but many of these organizations may not always have the time, or financial resources to allocate to exploring new opportunities and innovative ideas that could potentially bring exciting initiatives to their operations. This is where you come in! Social Innovation Projects pair a team of student volunteers with a community organization who have identified a challenge or problem within their organization. The team of UTM students will work together with the organization over a 16-week period to come up with an achievable solution for that problem. Additionally, this year we are introducing a new research stream to Social Innovation Projects emphasizing more of a focus on developing efficient and ethical research practices as well as providing the opportunity to work closer with UTM faculty members and what they are researching!

As a volunteer, you will be working on real-life projects to develop an attainable solution for a community organization that you will present back. In addition to working closely with your community partner and student volunteer team, students will have the opportunity to work with a faculty mentor to connect to classroom learning and gain access to additional resources. Participating students will be able to develop the following competencies: